Coral Eugene Watts : worst black serial killer of white women in US history

from Vdare- I accidentally deleted my own article. Of course the police and the lawyers screwed the whole case .  We hear about Ted Bundy but not this black guy because the Media does not wish to be called Racist

Re: Nicolas Stix Column: The Knoxville Horror: Crime, Race, The Media And “Anti-Racism”

I have been a VDARE.COM reader so long I can’t remember when it wasn’t a part of my daily Internet read. Thank you for your articles.

I have participated in national affairs since my youth, a military career, college degree, government work, and elections.

I have watched while schools have gone from educating our children to brainwashing them, cities from places of pride to crime-ridden ghettos, and our country wrapped up in the pursuit of diversity—meaning whatever happens, it better not be white

Although I hope I am wrong, I fear that the day may come when our Constitution will be held up as an example of the white man’s folly.

Right now, black crime in this country is the elephant in the living room. Blacks are untouchable. They must be discussed in only the most reverent of terms.

While the Duke University charade was in progress, four black men and a black woman were committing the Knoxville crime of the century against a young white man and woman without so much as a whisper from the media afterward.

Everyone knows about the BTK killer [A white serial killer.] but how many people know about Coral Eugene Watts? [A (male) African-American serial killer who may be the first such killer to go free on parole.]Each day in the US black men rape up to 100 white women. [ note: Actually, there are approximately 42 black on white rapes every day in the US. See‘s Color Of Crime, 2005 edition (PDF) which gives the annual figure of 15,400 black on white rapes.]

A week ago, in a mall close to where I live, a black tried to rob a Brinks guard picking up ATM receipts. Bullets flew throughout the crowd, endangering innocent bystanders.

But not a word appeared in the news because the perpetrator is black.

Allen, who is retired and lives outside of Atlanta, was born in Florida, fought in Vietnam during two tours, attended college on the GI bill, graduated and worked for the government for 22 years.

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