Edgar Cayce On Obama's Future

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Edgar Cayce on Obama’s Future

Edgar Cayce on Obama’s Future
America’s first communist president is shot and killed in the Oval Office just weeks after his inauguration in 2009, not by an assassin, but by a grandchild playing with a gun.

Evil foreigners from the middle lands,” as Cayce calls them,
kill two million people in a wave of nerve-gas attacks on New York, Chicago and, inexplicably, tiny Hamlet, N.C. But their deeds are undone
when angels appear in the skies above all three cities – and bring the dead back to life.

Angel and demon sightings reach an unprecedented historical high, and millions of Christians commit suicide rather than live in a world that they consider Satanic.

things seem not just decadent and corrupt, but highly unpredictable, so here are some of the weirdest predictions. Who knew a change in numerical digits could set off so much speculation?
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