Mohit B. Tilva ,H1-B Visa worker in US – yes, do go back to India ,


Mohit B. Tilva ,H1-B Visa worker in US – yes, do go back to India ,Mohit B Tilva


Mohit b. Tilva

note he says nothing in his blog about displacing Americans from their rightful employment. He is completely self-serving and views America as a sort of Disney land . Go Home Mohit and take the village back with you.

Note the following:

he lives in an apartment with 6 foreign males. this is third world behavior, against

the law and is a nightmare if you live next to them.

His Indian Brother has a company in the US and he hired his Indian relative. More exclusionary behavior and absolutely typical of immigrants; legal or otherwise.

He assumes he has the right to stay in the US permanently , even though an Hi-b worker is a temp worker.

He wants to help the poor of India , therefore he needs to go home because he is completely ethno -nationalistic and would make a Horrible American.

His father says stay in the US because India is corrupt. Well, the US is corrupt now too, with all the immigrants running scams here, completely oblivious to US Laws or customs.

Epic Systems in Madison Wisconsin is considering hiring him over an American, suggest everyone send them an email and put a stop to this.

5301 Tokay BlvdMadison, WI 53711

(608) 271-9000

email them and ask why are they hiring a foreign national H1-b visa worker when an American could fill the Job? Or send a postcard to human resources ATTN.

from his blog

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Summer house, India/US dilemma and my Dreams

I and my roomies moved to a new apartment for the summer. Just for two months. And the reason I am writing this is because there has been drastic change in the way things happen here, even though the people remain the same. We now do not keep spoiled utensils over-night, in fact we wash it as soon as we are done with them. We are six guys living here. And now we have turns to make dinner. One day each person, alone makes dinner for all 6 guys. My turn is on Wednesday. I chose Wednesday because I was born on Wednesday. Till now I have made Kadhi. It wasn’t a hit because kadhi ‘faat gai’…hehe….But tomorrow (or should I say today!) I am going to make ‘maag nu saak’. I called mummy to ask how much to soak. I hope I get the quantity right. Its ok if there is more. I will take it to lunch at work on Thursday. I spend a lot eating outside for lunch. Consider 20 working days in a week. Then on avg if you say $5 then its $100 a month and weekends and dinner at nights separate. So may be if I can take my lunch to office even twice a week then it would be nice. Also I am bored of eating same thing again and again at outside fast food restaurants. The places I can go are Chipotle, Subway, Burger King, Café 84, Taste of India and Thai food. Actually its quite a many options. Anyways….In fall semester I was so fed up of eating outside that in a break of 1 hr between my class and job, I went home cooked food and came back to work. About my career, I have a H1-B visa, sponsored by my cousin Amrish’s friend’s company. But I am also looking for another job. If it get it before I graduate (i.e. before Aug) then I will join that company and try to figure out my options with the company that sponsored my visa. I have had quite a number of calls for full time but I haven’t been able to convert it. I have one onsite interview next week at Madison, Wisconsin at Epic Systems. So let’s see how it goes.I am not yet sure whether I want to live here in US or go back to India. Dad says I should live here because its very tough to do business in India because of corruption and bureaucracy. You cannot get anything done easily. That’s true but in the end it is INDIA. I think without a nice group of friends and/or relatives near you, it’s very boring to live in US. But lets see what destiny holds for me. Once I start doing full time job I will have a better idea of what I want to do. But in the end I want to do a business of my own, no matter a small one. I, my dad and my brother Harit have the same opinion about it. So I feel encouraged. Also I personally feel that doing a job for the whole life in US is so boring and unrewarding in terms of social life. But……From my past experiences, I have learnt that you should not plan to much…or at least not think too much about it and feel that it would work out the same way you want to…. so I am ready to accept what ever comes to me….and only time will tell….Lets talk about my dreams….I had two dreams…,rather three…. I say HAD because one of them is crushed, badly crushed. But that’s the most beautiful ‘experience’ in my life. The other is going on or it’s completed. It was coming to the US. The third hasn’t started yet. And I don’t know when it would start, but I want that dream to realize, no matter how late in my life. And that dream is…………. It’s helping the poor and needy in every possible way….a roof above their head, education, make them independent…. ………give them a reason to live….to smile… I want to help in terms of money, my services and set up a whole network for it… I wish to do that for my fellow Indians. But I believe that to help others, you should be independent first. So it will take some time for me to become ‘independent’

p.s (((this post was flagged from craigslist in record time, most likely because all of washington county consists of Intel workers who are H1-b workers with expired work visas.Indian Nationals really don’t want to give up good white collar jobs and go home:

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