US Engineer Tells Obama to deal with H1-b theft of American jobs by Foreign workers

US Engineer tells Obama to deal with H1-b Visa abuse Most H1-b visa workers come from India and employed in high-tech jobs, not all, but a lot. New information has come out that India , China, Laos and Iran refuse to accept any their citizens back that the US tries to Deport. This means that Every H1-b Worker from those countries are here permananently and are not temp workers . Indian Nationals are one of the largest groups of Illegal aliens in the US and have the highest income level. They are job theives and crooks pure and simple, and the funny thing is with their caste system they consider Americans to be inferior to them.

I lifted this from the Cult of Obama Site.

Good luck with Savior Hussein Obama. Hussien wants to dismantle ICE, open the Borders and give Amnesty to everyone. He is a Global elitist and will never stand up for working Americans. I don’t know what Obama supporters are smoking , but the truth is the Presidential Election is a farce and the USA is not a Democracy.

Better to have a campaign about Hope and Change!

H1-B Visa Problem that Obama/Biden should solve!
By Concerned US Engineer – Sep 10th, 2008 at 12:09 am EDT

BTW, I am an Obama/Biden supporter. But, so far in this election campaign neither parties Republicans or Democrats have talked and dealt directly with the H1-B Visa topic and how it is totally out of control. The abuse of it, will lead to declining wage for US High Tech workers as well as declining in Engineering programs enrollment national wide. Like many issues about the economy that the Republicans are out of touch with Middle Class America, H1-B Visa is a real issue for educated Americans who are in the technology industry. If Obama/Biden does not recognize this in the next 60 days and raise it as an issue that you are willing to directly deal with, I afraid it will not do much for us Middle Class technology workers. There is a huge abuse of the H1-B Visa program by the candidates themselves as well as by the employers. Something has got to be done about this, as the unemployment numbers are going up and the living standards and jobs for local citizens are slowly vanishing away. This in the long run will lead to brain drains and an irreversible problem if not stopped immediately. You need to deal with this H1-B Abuse issue in the upcoming debates and offer a planned proposal and speak on how you are going to deal with it directly and solve it: 1. Stop giving Tax incentives to corporations who are offshoring/outsourcing jobs. 2. For every H1-B visa hired, show proof that a local citizen has been offered the same job and declined to prove that the shortage is legitimate. This has to be within 2 months of hiring an H1-B. If the document is older than 2 months, it is invalid. 3. Crack down on people who are overstaying their H1-B or jumping ship to another company that is willing to sponsor their H1-B from their original hired company. 4. If Unemployment is over 3%, freeze all H1-B visas that are currently in the application process and start to reduce the cap on the number of granted H1-B visas. 5. Track the numbers of all H1-B Visas and the actual figures in aggregate Dollars that we are reducing the wealth of the US economy by. Publish this figures to all. We need to see these figures as a metrics. Without metrics, without identifying problems, we can’t solve them… 6. Total revised comprehensive H1-B visa/guest worker program to stop any kind of abuse by the employers or the hired H1-B guests via any kind of loopholes via INS rules. There are many loopholes at this point in time that are being explored by these guess workers to abuse and overstay their visas to the point where they are granted GREEN cards and eventually become US Citizens… This figure is not just 1, but by the hundreds of thousands. Look at the census number for the figures of certain group of people here since 1990s to the present time. If Obama/Biden are able to bring up this specific issue and how you specifically will solve it. You will definitely have an edge over the Republicans in these last, but most important 60 days before the election. So far you are winning, but the race is very close, so you need to differentiate yourself, provide more ammunition for Middle Class America being able to see what you can do to protect the economy, the livelihood of US Technology workers who are Citizens of the US from H1-B abuses. Democrats will win this election if the above happens.
Great Education should secure a great job. That used to be true until the exploitation and abuses of H1-B Visas.

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