CAPS : Californians for Population Stabilization: Plenty of water if the mexicans went home

CAPS : Californians for Population Stabilization

Good luck trying to get the liberal, leftist “environmental” movement to wake up to the inconvenient truth of runaway population growth fueled by illegal immigration. Another inconvenient truth is that these people don’t really care about the environment as much as their twisted political philosophy.
Ads Ask Environmentalists To Consider Immigration Driven Population Growth The Primary Factor Driving Future U.S. Population Growth Is Immigration August 12, 2008 – SANTA BARBARA, CA. – Californians for Population Stabilization (CAPS) has launched a radio campaign in California linking population growth to environmental degradation. The ads make the point that immigration is the number one factor driving California and U.S. population growth. The radio spots are running in areas with high concentrations of environmentally sensitive Californians. According to the U.S. Census Bureau, mass immigration is the number one factor driving population growth in California and America today. The Pew Hispanic Research Center projects that 82% of all population growth in the U.S. between 2005 and 2050 will be a result of immigration and births to immigrants. “In the last decade these factors have accounted for nearly 100% of California’s population growth,” according to Diana Hull, President of CAPS.
Hull commented, “If we want to start healing our environment, we’ve got to slow population growth. More people mean more cars, more sprawl, higher energy demands, more air pollution, more demand for water and more paved-over farmland.” Hull continued, “With America’s population growing at its current rate, every time we make an environmental gain, our population increases and the gains are erased. Reducing immigration is the key to slowing future population growth and recapturing the momentum in the battle to save California’s natural treasures. It’s time for California to lead the rest of the country on this issue.”
The radio ad identifies the real “inconvenient truth” as the fact that population growth and environmental degradation are related, “people drive cars, create sprawl, destroy forests and pollute.” The ad goes on to illustrate the correlation between California’s population growth and energy consumption over the last 30 years and concludes by acknowledging that rolling back mass immigration is tough for “compassionate Californians” to swallow. “But there are times” Hull stated “when hard choices must be made for the greater good.”
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To listen to the radio ad, click here.
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0 Responses to CAPS : Californians for Population Stabilization: Plenty of water if the mexicans went home

  1. Colony14 says:

    The reason the Conservationists and Environmentalists love the Illegals and want Shamnesty is because they want Depopulation of only Caucasians.
    It’s because in the AGENDA 21 Programme, the Indigenous peoples and Native Americans are the ONLY humans besides the Uber Super Rich that will be allowed to live-in or go-into the “Protected Areas” and “Buffer Zones”.
    NO HUMANS is the policy of the AGENDA 21 Programme.
    BUT, there’s a Forum for Indigenous and Native Americans, and this includes Mestizos.
    Right now, Mestizos are trying to get Native American Indian Tribes to accept them as inclusive in Land Grants and the aquisition of their own Reservations.
    Some of the Native American Indians agree and others say, ‘Go to Mexico where YOUR land is, not ours!”
    It’s a 50/50 bar right now between the Mexicans pushing THEIR lands in the US and the Native American Indians.
    With the turmoil between the Native American Indian Tribes Gangs and the Mexican/Mestizo Gangs Waring amongst themselves, it does not look like the larger consensus of Native American Indians are in FAVOR is including the land grants to Mexican/Mestizos thru their fantacy, ‘Aztlan’ at all!
    You read on many Trading Post websites about how much they want to rid themselves of the plague of ‘METH’, that comes into their Rez’s via Illegals and Legal Gangbangers that are trying to intermarry and/or take over portions within Rez’s.
    The Umatilla Tribe is a good example of the problems that Indians are having with these Illegals and their Gangs.
    Warm Springs is also batteling to rid themselves of the Mexican Gang influence and the illegal drug growing they are doing on their Indian Lands.

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