Illegal Nigerians and Polio

Will illegal Nigerians bring Polio back to the United States?
Nigerians are often criminals, but they are also the only African Country with out of control polio, thanks to the rumor that the vaccine was intended to sterilize Muslim women. (Frankly this should be the case but it will never happen).
ICE is trying to deport them, which is amazing in itself.
Nigeria has no problem deporting illegals aliens within their own country. Americans who are pro-open borders assume that only the US has border problems and deports illegal aliens. In reality,the US is far more wishy-washy and inept then other countries

Nigeria’s polio cases skyrocket

Aug 9, 2008 9:03 AM
The number of new polio infections in Nigeria has soared by more than 240% this year as a large number of children in the north have not been fully immunised, a World Health Organisation official said on Friday.
In the first seven months of the year, health officials reported 555 new polio cases in Africa’s most populous country, up from 163 during the same period last year.
Nigeria, which has struggled to contain the contagious, crippling disease since some northern states imposed a year-long vaccine ban in mid-2003, accounts for more than 50% of global new polio cases, officials said.
WHO’s health promotion officer in Nigeria, Ola Soyinka, said the resurgence was triggered because many children missed several rounds of immunisation towards the end of 2007.
“There are large numbers of children in some northern states who have unfortunately been missed repeatedly during immunisation rounds,” Soyinka told Reuters.
“Clearly, they form a susceptible population which is where the outbreak is now occurring.”
Children need multiple doses of the oral vaccine to develop full immunity to the incurable disease.
The rising incidence of the disease has prompted the government to set up a presidential task force and steering committee to give the national immunisation effort a boost.
“With the renewed vigour, we are optimistic that the disease will be eradicated in Nigeria very soon. We have the tools and the strategies. What is needed is just that extra push,” Soyinka said.
He declined to give a timeframe for polio eradication in Nigeria, which missed several deadlines in the past.
Only four countries – Nigeria, India, Pakistan and Afghanistan – remain endemic for the disease that spreads through poor hygiene, with its biggest reservoir in Nigeria.
Pressure has mounted on Nigeria, the epicenter of polio in Africa, to boost immunisation since May when neighbouring Benin reported its first polio infection in four years. The virus had first spread to Nigeria’s northern neighbours Niger and Chad, WHO said.
Polio, which can cause permanent paralysis in children, can be prevented with the use of vaccines that have eliminated the virus as a public health threat in most of the world.
The global polio eradication initiative, run by the WHO, UNICEF, Rotary International and the US Centre for Disease Control and Prevention, has spent $6 billion (NZD$8.5 billion) to fight the virus in the remaining affected countries.
One setback was the temporary suspension of immunisation in Nigeria, when local leaders in the mainly Muslim north told parents in 2003 that the vaccine could endanger their children.

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