How Bill Gates destroyed King County and Washington State

              Its quite simple , Bill Gates , a really rich brilliant white male, opened Microsoft in Redmond Washington. 
        He then hired  white American educated computer types to work as temp workers without medical benefits and This went on for years. He would not hire long term full-time employees.

 So in the early 90’s they filed a lawsuit about their indentured servant status through temp places like Manpower.

 They won and the next day long term temp workers were laid off all over Washington. I know because my sister was a office worker in long term -temp worker position at Starbucks and lost her job the next day.

 so Bill Gates starts hiring  Indian nationals and Chinese etc on the H1-b Program,  which meant he could hold the power strings over his work force forever.

 Now Bellevue is an enclave for  his employees and it looks like a foriegn country.

The Head of King county is  a black man named Simms and in the eleven years he has been in charge , TB in king county has escalated due to so many immigrants and illegal aliens .

Seattle became a sanctuary city ,like San Francisco which means anyone illegal cannot be messed with  and now Muslims are taking over, along with Hindus and rich Chinese.
True Boeing started the mess, by importing it’s educated work force  which included Chinese immigrant engineers, but Bill Gates went over the top.

 Boeing at least preferred Americaddamschristmasans, Gates prefers foreign workers.

 and it should be noted that every chinese or indian national Bill Gates imports is here for good because China  and India and Iran do not accept deported Nationals.

Of course that doesn’t matter anyway because Half a million illegal aliens who were ordered to be deported are  sitting around having a good time,like Obama’s Auntie from Kenya.

            so I would like to thank Bill Gates for helping ruin the Pacific Northwest. thanks a Fucking lot.


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