Powells Books: White People are so Over

White People are so Over :Powell’s Books Oregon

White people are so “Over”. Powell’s Books of Oregon joins the Media Invasion of Non-Whites .
Update: Powell’s Employee writes: “You dumb fucking moron. i work at powells. “ end quote. I do not publish comments where I am called names nor do I read the full content.

The Header shows a half face of a young woman with straight black hair and medium dark skin. We cannot see her eyes, which would give away her heritage. Why? so Hindus, Muslims , Asians and Mexicans can all project themselves into the shot. I can’t . I am excluded. In the last year, Powells has added a spanish- only section as you enter the Beaverton store, which is located at Ground Zero for the invasion of Illegal Mexicans.
They no longer have “white skin” showing on their new site. This is just one of thousands of media depictions of the new Non-White world order.
Even the Lutheran Church has a mexican on their web-site.
White people are an endangered species and the Media Moguls know who their customer base is: yellow, brown and black. ( but please dear ethnic swarthies, don’t die your hair blond because it just looks like yellow worms on your head. Note above, at first you see the long blond tresses and think : Swedish Girl! Nope ! look closer , she is olive skinned, brown-eyed and belongs to the new group of Fake Blondes. It is not an accident Powell’s has a hispanic or polynesian with fake blond hair on the front page.I find it interesting that as White people are shut out by the Media and Corporate America, the Swarthy Ethnics have co-opted our exclusive hair color of blond.
(A week ago I saw two short ugly illegal mexicans. The husband looked hideous like an Orc, his mexican Bitch,the slatternly dwarf of a puta, had bleached blonde hair.)

Scroll to the bottom and see how I took one picture of a White Girl and changed color with a scanner.She looks Northren European because she is English, Irish, German Welsh etc.
. Powell’s bleached blonde looks like a fake.
ps I have just been informed that the above picture is a really white girl. Sorry not so, it’s a sepia toned picture and her skin tones are mediterranean , her nose is thick, eyebrows very dark, shadows around her eyes,none of which match the bleached Blonde hair. With lighting etc she can appear white but she doesnt read White. I expect Powell’s spent a lot of money on this subtle campaign .However, the main point is that Northern European whites are now a minority both in terms of the world population and advertising. This reflects a tremendous change and it has been across the board. Powell’s, owned by a Welsh-American , is just one example.

I suggest everyone look at the pictures on Ads and commericals.It’s yellow,brown and black over and over again.
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