Letting Mexicans know they are unwelcome

 may have succeeded in Forcing A Family of Mexican Illegals to Move

not to brag, but I think I may have helped push out a ” Nice Mexican Family “out of a house , through legal and non-violent means.
Think about it, if they know their Legal American neighbors know they are illegal and that they know about things like ICE and deportation, it makes them nervous.
They of course, had several single Mexican males who drank a lot and lived with the family. If they were white Americans they would have been reported to Children’s Protective Services.

It’s funny , but Mexicans are seen as Nice and Cute ,even though people know they are lying to live in the United States. This Nice Mexican family took rental housing that could have gone to an American family, one without several single males living on the premises.

Of course, they all had really nice cars, this is possible when you have five adults working under the table, and the parents getting W.I.C and food stamps for the two anchor babies.

It wasn’t that hard , so if you know of places that rent to illegals , let them know it isn’t okay.
let the landlords know too. Since most landlords are crooks and know it, they don’t want the feds after them.
ps don’t sell cars to Mexicans. It only enables them to stay in the US.

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