Anchor Babies for Idiots

Anchor Babies for Idiots

Jim Ludwick _ interview & the Anchor babie question
( open borders troll baited with this question:
What should be done when parents arrive illegally, but have children who are born here and are American citizens pursuant to the constitution? Do you deport the parents of Americans? If so, who provides for the children? The children are American citizens so they can’t be deported.

Jim Ludwick replies:
Illegal aliens often purposely come into America to have their babies knowing that once they do so it allows them to be able to receive government benefits for both themselves and their children. The children are referred to as “anchor babies” because the babies often allow the parents to be anchored in the U.S. In fact there is an anchor-baby industry that provides transportation, doctors, medically facilities and paper work help.
Let me ask you a question: Let’s say you were visiting France and you or your spouse had a baby. Would you expect France to allow you to live there even though your visa would expire? If France would not allow you to stay would you then leave your baby there and come home?
Every day illegal aliens come into America bringing their children with them.

Why is it so onerous for them to take them back home when they are deported?
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One Response to Anchor Babies for Idiots

  1. Immigration says:

    They are using these babies to get their citizenship, Napolitano should be sued for aiding these illegal aliens and for trashing the US Constitution. Wake Up American. Send these babies back to where they belong.

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