Oregon: two Illegal Drunk Mexican Wetbacks elude arrest $$ three agency cop chase



Drunk Wetback mexican  Arrested Following Two Attempts to Elude State, County and City Police in Springfield Area
Oregon State Police – 01/11/09

A Springfield-area man   drunk illegal mexican was arrested and lodged early Sunday morning after attempting to elude state, county and city police officers. The incident came to an end after officers used spike strips to disable the fleeing pickup and a police dog was deployed to control the man’s efforts to resist arrest.

According to Oregon State Police (OSP) Sergeant Ted Phillips, on January 11, 2009 at approximately 12:43 a.m. an OSP trooper attempted to stop a 1990 Ford F150 pickup on Main Street in Springfield for a traffic violation.

The pickup attempted to elude the trooper, driving recklessly in the area causing the trooper to back off and lose sight of it.
Shortly afterward, a Lane County (LCSO) sheriff’s deputy spotted the pickup and attempted another traffic stop. The pickup fled southbound onto Interstate 5 at speeds up to approximately 90 mph. The OSP trooper and Springfield police joined the deputy keeping the pickup in sight.





Another LCSO deputy deployed spike strips near milepost 184 and successfully deflated two tires. The pickup continued about 1 1/2 miles further before stopping.

The driver, RUBEN TIBURCIO JIMENEZ, age 41, from Springfield,  from mexico ,got out of the vehicle and refused to comply with officers’ orders to arrest him without further incident. As the man drunk mexican who should be deportedmyelled at officers and slammed his hands on the pickup a Springfield police canine was deployed resulting in a dog bite on the man’s right buttocks. drunk nasty mexican gets bit in the ass

Officers detained TIBURCIO JIMENEZ and transported him to McKenzie Willamette Hospital for a brief examination of the bitten buttocks. He was then taken to Lane County Jail and lodged for:

* Felony Attempt to Elude in a Vehicle (2 counts)
* Driving Under the Influence of Intoxicants
* Reckless Driving (2 counts)
* Recklessly Endangering Another Person
* Resisting Arrest (2 counts)

The multiple counts listed on some of the charges stem from the fact that the arrest involved two separate incidents initiated by OSP and Lane County Sheriff’s Office.

No photograph available at this time on the Lane County Jail website.

### http://www.oregon.gov/OSP ###


of course anything a mexican does is the fault of white non mexicans. Of course. here is a hate email from yet another   Californian who hates Causcasians. Apparently its okay for mexicans to drive drunk and kill other people ? So its okay for mexicans to behead mexicans in Mexico because the Spanish forced them to be drug dealers.? so Crime is okay if you are short, dark and mexican? I found a visa card last night, now if I was mexican I could use it and say well the Gringos they take my land. see how dumb liberals are?

Uuuggh you’re disgusting!
Please go on posting adds like this, completely ignoring all crime other than that done by…people born in the country below you?
God can’t you apply your free time to something more productive than this?
Open your eyes, stop this tunnel vision and realize that we were the real invaders. Where’s the justice in that huh?
I grew up in southern California and always knew more people of Caucasian decent to cause more trouble and have a horribly negative attitude about life in general in spite of how easy their lives had been in comparison to those who were not fortunate enough to be born into privilege.
If you’d ever been subjected to real poverty I’d expect you might not condone the actions of the desperate but instead try and understand and instead of pushing people away try and think of a way to solve the problem while not being a total bigot and claiming this land that you for some reason feel your entitled to over someone with another skin color or language.
Trust me, there are many more less self centered, less unbridled hateful, and more productive things you could focus your time and energy on.
When you don’t push people down to the point of desperation they don’t try and rise up and make desperate decisions.
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  1. IDENTITARIO says:

    Greetings from Chile….

    Whites must to do something!


  2. Anonymous says:

    melissa mlcartwright90@yahoo.com
    you are a sick white boy that wants to be a mexican so dont take it out on them take it out on your mom .

    ruben is my kids dad

    so get a life and grow some balls

    you motherfucker die white boys and burn in hell were you all belong hahahahahahahahahahaha BROWN PRIDE BITCH

  3. jake says:

    another piece of mierda………shoot him.

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