How do Third generation Mexicans feel about the Invaders from Mexico?

How do assimilated Mexican Americans feel about illegals? (Ya Basta!) (Orange County)

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Date: 2009-01-14, 6:56PM PST


How do I feel? As a mexican-american, I feel angry and abused! Our hospitality as a nation is being abused, and our tax resources are being abused too! Look how many hospitals have been forced to close their emergency rooms in southern california! Look how much of our social services and law enforcement resources is spent because of illegals!


Look at the schools in the LAUSD district: They are packed to the roof with kids who can’t speak english, and who are not in a hurry to learn it.
Look at at all the gangs and crimes from illegals – this is not prejudice from the anglos, it’s a fact! We mexican-americans know this but we are to embarassed to discuss in public!

When my family came here, the first thing everybody did was to learn english, so they could become citizens ASAP! Two of my uncles enlisted in the service during the korean war so they could become citizens faster.

When that dumb ass Reagan gave the first amnesty, mexican-americans knew it would fail, and lead up to the present crisis with illegals. The amnesty of the 1980’s sent the wrong message: “If you can come here and hide for a while, there will be an amnesty sooner or later!”

We know what the problem is: What are we going to do about it? It’s time for us to say with one voice: “Ya basta!” Enough!

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Date: 2009-01-07, 7:47AM PST

How do you Americans of Mexican decent feel about illegals from south of the border coming into your neighborhood, not learning the English language, tagging, flooding our schools, hospitals, starting gangs, shopping carts flooding streets, clown houses, junk cars, 5 kids with one on the way while they are milking the system of WIC, you know….
This is a serious question. And please don’t answer with, “how do I feel about white/black/asian trash” living off the system. I think they are completely lowlifes. Anyone coming here illegally or legally and living off the system is pure scum in my book.

My question is for Americans of Mexican heritage because that is the major population here. I am very curious. I have many American friends whose grandparents came from Mexico and they despise the peasants that are invading this country.

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  1. Moneka says:

    Unfortunately, I do agree with all comments that have been made about illegal Mexicans. I happen to live in South Texas, aka The Rio Grande Valley. We are about 15 min. from the Mexican border and our area is infested with immigrant leeches. 90% of the popuation in the RGV is of Mexican decent, and is the fastest growing area in Texas, Hmm…wonder why? I’ve seen first hand ,while traveling in Mexico, why Mexicans will do just about anything to get to the US– legal or illegal. Yes, it is heartbreaking to see small children begging for change on the side of the road, and families in dire need of basic essentials, but I have no sympathy for those families who have made it to US (legal or illegal) and take advantage of the system. Mexicans who make it to the US need to be legal, learn english, go to school, use birth control, get jobs, AND if you don’t have enough money to support one or two kids, THAT MEANS STOP!!! taxpayers, do not want to support future leeches. Living in this area , I’ve been critized for my views, but it’s the truth. I see how so many of these families work the system. Selling their foodstamps for they can blow it on other crap. Bottom line is, the government needs to inforce strict guidelines as to who qualifies for assistance, they’ld get the message if it wasn’t so easy.And Mexican families crossing the border need to work for the American dream…it’s not a FREEBE !!!..STOP BEING LAZY, STOP LIVING OFF THE GOVERNMENT!! teach your kids some self respect & end this disgusting cycle.

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