Obama's $150 $ million inauguration Free watermelon for white folks

obamas inauguration- free watermelon for white folks

((((((( late breaking news, Eric Schmidt president of Google is part of Obama’s transition team and Eric bans blogs critical of Obama and also is for increasing h-1b workers which is job theft for Americans. Great  ! lets party!

US in crisis, but hey let’s party! (Washington DC and everywhere else)


Reply to: pers-998279753@craigslist.org [?]
Date: 2009-01-18, 6:17PM PST

OK, well Oblabba is going to be prez..Fine. inauguration celebrations are “estimated” to be 150 MILLION…Say what?? Hells bells, G.W only spent 43 million and Clinty paid out 33 million..

WTF?? Excuse me, this country is in CRISIS!!! Oh but we’re making history! Yeah? How about he simply gets sworn in, thanks all for supporting his lying ass (You know he’s really an african) and then go home to a fucking bowl of ramen noodles (That’s what alot of people barely can afford right now anyway)

But noooooooooooooooo “We’re making history!”

Yeah, spare me the bullshit and how about saving some green for those who NEED it?

P.S. I give the son of a whore the same amount of respect you libs gave Bush. After all, fair is fair rightbelly-dance?

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