Mexican male – hardworking illegal Steals cars in West Linn OR

Mexican male – hardworking illegal Steals cars in West Linn ORStolen vehicle involved in Elude and roll over crash
Marion Co. Sheriff’s Office – 01/20/09

On 1-20-09, at just past 2:30 am, Marion County Deputy Bob Arnsmeier observed a stolen vehicle, from West Linn, Eastbound on Kale Street NE. Deputy Arnsmeier followed the vehicle Northbound to Copper Creek Loop and into the trailer park on Tim Ave. Deputy Jerry Wollenschlaeger arrived to assist Deputy Arnsmeier, however, as he attempted to block the suspect vehicle, it went around him and hit the patrol vehicle causing minor damage. The suspect left the area and eventually crashed at Quail Road and Highway 99. The vehicle rolled several times and it is believed the suspect was ejected and then fled the scene. Sheriff’s deputies, Keizer Police and K-9’s searched the area but were unable to locate the suspect.

Deputies located a pair of shoes and gloves in a field near the crash and believe they came from the suspect vehicle.

 The suspect is described as a Hispanic male, light skin, 5’07 and medium build.

 Anyone with information regarding the suspect is asked to call the Marion County Sheriff’s Office at (503) 588-5032.

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