Hortus Landscaping of Or Hires Only"mexican Males"

http://stoptheinvasionoforegon.wordpress.com/2009/01/22/hortus-landscaping-of-or-hires-onlymexican-males/scan0055Hortus Landscaping of Or Hires Only”mexican Males”

  Does Tom Chandler use 1-9 forms? I wonder if the Landscapers have heard of Federal Laws concerning discrimination?
 Because they sure don’t hire white people, old people, or women, just young, dark ,mexican males. This is the typical situation in oregon ,where two white guys hire illegal aliens (or rather all mexican male crews that speak spanish and appear to be illegal), rather then Americans. At the moment they are hard up and door-belling for jobs. Don’t hire them! Photos of the Mexicans for Hortus eating together and when they saw me taking their picture they left.horphnu The Landscaping or Nursery Industry does not want to hire Americans. They have been lobbying congress for a visa similar to the H_1b visa that allows them to import mexican scab labor.REPEAT  Chandler and CO dont care that Americans are unemployed .This was how Woodburn became a suburb of Mexico by the way: migrant workers who never went home. Go to Numbersusa.com to find out more or www.ofir.org .hortus-inhortruckhortrename


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1 Response to Hortus Landscaping of Or Hires Only"mexican Males"

  1. lancaster says:

    I know this place is in garden home thrift way store, & this people in this neighborhood are cool.
    I bet the person who put this add have nothing to do or maybe is a lazy bustard who es angry because he is a looser with a big L.

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