Two Generic Mexicans,Zavala and Pacheco, Rob Mexican Eatery In Tigard Oregon

Two Generic Mexicans,Zavala and Pacheco,  Rob Mexican Eatery In Tigard OregonPair of Mexican Illegals  Arrested After Robbing Restaurant
Tigard Police – 01/22/09

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Two men mexican males most likely illegal aliens  were arrested by Tigard Police shortly after they allegedly robbed the Las Margaritas Restaurant located at 11940 SW Pacific Highway in Tigard. The owner of the restaurant made a call to police dispatch at approximately 8:15 pm Wednesday night and stated that a man with a gun had just robbed the business.The victim stated the suspect, now known as 21 year old Eric F. Zavala of McMinnville, entered the restaurant, then threatened and demanded money from him. Zavala had displayed a handgun during the ordeal. The victim further stated that the suspect also took his ring and          necklace he was wearing at the time. The suspect then fled the scene. No injuries resulted.

Reports indicate a vehicle was waiting in the area being driven by 28 year old Rojelio Pacheco of McMinnville. An officer in the area at the time spotted the vehicle and brought it to a stop in the parking lot of a nearby McDonald’s Restaurant located at 11201 SW Pacific Highway. Once in the parking lot, Zavala ran from the suspect vehicle into the restaurant and holed up for a short time in a restroom located in the rear of the establishment. Tigard Officers ultimately took Zavala into custody at that location. A Tigard K9 search conducted in the area between the location of the robbery and the point of arrest located a handgun along with money and the jewelry alleged to have been taken in the robbery just minutes before.Both suspects have been lodged at the Washington County Jail on charges of two counts of Robbery I. In addition, Zavala was also charged with Unlawful Use of a Weapon based on his role in the robbery

Have the police called ICE?

Friday, January 23, 2009 1:57 AM

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