What do Mexicans and Chinese have in Common? Beheadings


Man Asian Foriegn National who decapitated classmate Asian Foreign gets life in prison


We never had beheadings in the US until we opened our borders and let all the garbage in. Stop all immigration for ten years .Now Americans have to support him for the rest of his life.We should have be-headed him to let foreign nationals know we have rules here.

RICHMOND, Va. — A former Virginia Tech graduate student who admitted to decapitating a classmate has been sentenced to life in prison.


Haiyang Zhu (HY’-yuhng JOO) was sentenced Monday in Montgomery County Circuit Court to life without parole. He pleaded guilty to first-degree murder in the death of fellow Chinese student Xin Yang (shin yuhng).


Zhu attacked and decapitated the 22-year-old Yang as the pair had coffee at a campus eatery in January 2009.


Zhu spoke through an interpreter at Monday’s hearing to express his “sincere apology and deepest remorse” for the attack. Prosecutors said Zhu killed the woman because she rejected his romantic advances.


The slaying was the first at the university since a deadly mass shooting there in 2007.


He plead guilty today ,saying he killed her because he was in love with her and she rejected him for another man. Another Ugly immigrant3n93kb3md1fb1g2147913e6cdca422458160f4


BLACKSBURG, Virginia � A graduate student from China was decapitated with a kitchen knife in a campus cafe at Virginia Tech by another graduate student who knew her, police said Thursday.
Xin Yang, 22, was killed Wednesday night after arriving at the campus from Beijing on Jan. 8 to begin studying accounting, Virginia Tech Police Chief Wendell Flinchum said.
Her accused attacker, 25-year-old Haiyang Zhu of Ningbo, China, knew the victim but no motive for the slaying has been determined, Flinchum said. School records showed that Haiyang was listed as one of Xin�s emergency contacts.


now a woman has been beheaded by another chinese immigrant at Virgina tech. I think the school needs to send home all immigrants. By the way, Universities use a lot of H_1b workers and  the scam for unemployed  H-1b workers is to enroll in college to avoid deportation. Like I have said before if we stopped all immigration for ten years, we could put this country in order

 and of course Mexico where they just found the police chief’s head a few  days ago1

 bully for those hardworking mexicans .

CIUDAD JUAREZ (Mexico) – THE head of a police chief was abandoned in an ice cooler in the northern Mexico state of Chihuahua, and 16 others died in suspected drug attacks overnight, authorities said on Monday.

Mexican police and soldiers are battling a wave of drug-related violence across the country, particularly in northern border areas, with more than 5,300 killed last year.

‘Hitmen cut off commander Martin Castro’s head and left it in an ice cooler in front of the local police station,’ said state justice authorities.

The head was left in Praxedis town with a message from the powerful Sinaloa drug cartel, a statement said.

The police commander was abducted on Saturday, along with five other police officers and a civilian, only five days after starting his job.

Six bodies in police uniforms bearing signs of torture and gunshot wounds were found Monday in a street in state capital Chihuahua, officials said.

Hitmen killed four men in separate attacks in the violent border city of Ciudad Juarez, while six others, including a woman, were found dead in other towns in northern Chihuahua state.

The federal government launched a clampdown on drug-related violence more than two years ago involving the deployment of around 36,000 troops across the country. — AFP

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  1. xiaopang333 says:


    the headline is in the worst taste possible and goes hand in hand with your short sighted demands to ban all immigrants… the only ones who would actually profit from that would be the indians, because none of you dumbass american hicks has his roots there. you all were immigrants once and don’t get me started on the havoc you started among the immigrants and among yourselfs during the civil war…

    • stoptheinvasionoforegon says:

      back to you slit eyed chink , dont get me started on your negroid ancestry or the history of china which is about oppression and war and murder . its funny no one ever says send the Chinese back to CHina, they are so busy calling white people hillbillies and KK members and telling them to go back to Europe. very racist of you all
      it took white english people to make a country worth stealing and lying to get into , which is mostly what you asians do and have done.
      by the way, no chinese should be allowed into the united states unless they open a good chinese restaurant.
      if they use MSG they get deported
      so go back to china- two chinese males have decapitated two humans in the north american continent in one year, and that was unheard of until we let in all the violent foreign trash

  2. Anonymous says:

    fuckamerica@fuckwhitetrash.com AmericaWillDie

    You fuckin hillbilly trash will die and drown, the day that happens the day the world celebrate. You are the most hated people in this world, and the Jihadists will make sure you all die and burn in hell, ha ha ha ha!

    Even your allies hate your fucking guts!

    • stoptheinvasionoforegon says:

      right now god seems to dislike black and brown third world breeders, since he wiped out half a million in the Tsunami a few years ago and then Haiti.
      but you see America is now so full of illegal Non Americans , that if the muslims do kill us they will just get rid of a lot of unwanted anchor babies and immigrant trash.
      bring it on- the US is a lost cause . Personally I am waiting for all the liberal white people to learn to count and get that too many people means famine and then those nice immigrants and thier brats will cut their throats to get the last jar of peanut butter


  3. Jean says:


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