To Lucy Cat who hates my blog about the Invasion

” I bet you post this comment because you enjoy playing the abused martyr.’ and with that , Lucy takes her leave but not without several more insults concerning my character, or rather lack of it.

Lucy  – why dont you start your own blog because you see the purpose of my blog is not to provide free space for trolls to trash me or the blog.  and so far all you have done is send me emails condemning  the blog or myself.  Goodbye Lucy- Aslan wants you.

Lucy has contacted me again  and wants me to do stories on white criminals. Why dont you do that lucy? 

Lucy–         Lucy thinks I should spend more time getting mexicans  I mean illegals deported instead of groaning
and moaning about them. In other words, don’t post true stories about the crimes illegals are committing or their cost..  Just write  vague high-brow articles that lament the consequences of a government that prefers drunk murderous illegals to thier law-abiding loyal taxpaying citizens. Been there done that. Frosty Woolridge writes great posts that are ignored. I am posting about all the nasty dirty crimes Mexicans are committing in Oregon to break down the media facade perpetrated by the Oregonian and the Statesmen  Journal and Ron Wyden etc, to show what is really happening. The whole scam where the media reports “Beaverton man robs bank rather then Illegal alien Mexican National with five fake IDs etc” Perhaps if I post these true stories enough People in Oregon will realize that every Illegal alien  costs us more then they can ever hope to contribute. And it’s not just the mexicans who rob and rape, it’s the breeders who pop out babies and expect us to pick up the tab. In the meantime, I get hate mails that essentially blame me for the crimes of mexicans, rather then the criminals themselves. That is very wierd. But Lucy if you hate my blog I must be doing something right.

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