Indian Nationals In United States discriminate against Non-Indian Americans

 Following is a comment from an American who is now a second class citizen in the U.S. due entirely to  Gates , Intel ,HP and Universities hiring foreign workers over Americans.

 By the way, Foreign immigrants employers have no problem with racism  or breaking our laws that protect against discrimination.

Most of them arrive from countries where oppression and dishonesty are the norm.

I work for an American based company in it’s IT department. Of it’s 14 employees only 2 are American citizens, the rest are all Indian. Even my manager & his manager are of Indian descent.

When I first applied for the position my resume was rejected. My recruiter told me later that historically any resume with an American sounding name he has submitted has always been rejected by the dept. director. Eventually my resume was handed directly to the hiring manager which is how I got in.

Four months later a new dept. manager was hired (also Indian) and within the first week he is demanding overtime, working weekends as well as holidays.

One of the contractors even here overheard him make a comment one day regarding me “if he were one of us I could make him work more hours”.

Do I feel threatened? Yes, especially in this bad job market.

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  1. JR says:

    I agree with above comment. Most of the IT managers are from one particular state and they will reject most of the qualified americans and other Indians from other states. I don’t see any future for Americans in IT.

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