Traitor Judge Ted E. Grove & ACLU allow illegals to work Illegally in Columbia County

I guess the Taco Bell  Owner and Mucho Gracias , who hire illegal mexicans in St Helens were the ones that stopped this measure. 

why should Americans follow the laws when  government prefers criminals and foreign nationals who steal rape and murder to honest citizens ? Why is it a crime to expect employers to hire Legal Americans?1f71211463pf3of3l58bm84e28c29bc91117c070719_columbiacountyillega


ST. HELENS, Ore. (AP) — A Columbia County judge has blocked a voter-backed ballot measure that would fine employers for hiring illegal immigrants. It was set to take effect on Monday.

The measure was challenged by a coalition of Columbia County business owners and voters represented by the American Civil Liberties Union and the Northwest Workers’ Justice Project.

Judge Ted E. Grove said Friday he was approving the injunction while he reviews issues raised by the measure’s opponents.

They claim the measure exceeds county powers, violates the single subject requirement of the Oregon Constitution and is pre-empted by state law.

The measure relies on E-Verify, a federal database intended to determine legal residence that is trying to pass the Senate this very week.

Similar measures in several other states also have been struck down

Ted E Grove


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St Helens, OR

(503) 397-2327

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Company: State of Oregon

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0 Responses to Traitor Judge Ted E. Grove & ACLU allow illegals to work Illegally in Columbia County

  1. Duke Smith says:

    The ACLU is bent on the destruction of American culture. They are committed to relativism no matter the destructive economic and physical peril it presents. They are a cultural cancer with festering tentacles, and a veritable pox on the ass of humanity.

  2. OH I AM MARIA!!!! says:

    You are all a bunch of disgusting racist pigs. God, I wish I could send you back to where you came from because in case YOU didn’t know your from Europe and this land is free to share. Once again the white man has a superiority complex and is fucking greedy. Anyone who supports this I honestly hope you get a taste of your own medicine. Your obviously ignorant and it is you who should not be allowed to reproduce with your close minded ideas and values.
    May god be with you, although I doubt even he would want to call you his child.
    You all disgust me.

    • stoptheinvasionoforegon says:

      I think you have it all wrong, it is the illegals, who by the way, are often of African chinese and european ancestry, who are greedy and grabbing whatever they can from the white man , while using the Race card to justify the theft.

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