Iraqi Immigrant Ed Suleman (octobreeder nayda's dad) Hustles Oprah for Cash at the 11th hour of foreclosure

Ed Suleman (octobreeder nayda’s dad) Hustles Oprah for Cash at the 11th hour of foreclosurep1010207Iraqi Immigrant Ed Suleman hustles   Oprah Winfrey show for cash to bail out both his wife and his breeder daughter , Nadya Suleman. The only reason to go on Oprah is to open the cash cow accounts. Already Nadya is getting free housing and help from a non-profit  that I hope never gets another dollar  in donations. The show will air on Tuesday, February 24th. Ed said about his daughter having six kids already, then getting in vitro fertilization a second time to have another either more children:

“Now I’m no psychiatrist, but I question her mental situation.” Seems like Nayda learned it from him, remember when this story broke, Ed Suleman insolently told reporters they would move to a bigger house where they couldnt be found, even as he was almost a year behind on house payments. ?Grandiose thinking . It also  kinda reminds me of Obama and his illegal Aunt ,who refused to obey the Judge and leave the US, and instead, not only got section 8 housing but a job managing section 8 housing. It seems that only immigrants get away with these kind of things. Nadya, product of a green card marriage.


I question ed and his american wife, owning two houses they couldn’t afford and then going bankrupt. Nadya learned to use the system from them. The honest thing would be for the entire family to go back to Iraq and stop using the American taxpayer as a giant Tit.

“What my daughter and her fertility doctor did was absolutely irresponsible.” Perhaps criminal too, since she got disability for her back and then gave birth to eight children which requires a healthy back.

“I say to everybody now, people, we do need help. Do not punish my daughter for what she had done, and do not punish the babies, because they were given by God.”

No the babies were not given by God. They were given by a turkey baster.`That’s all we need in an over-crowded world is more third world breeders.I  hope people know that millions of immigrants or illegal aliens are using the American Taxpayers as a Giant Tit just like Nadya . I hope there is a huge backlash against anchor babies and Mexicans who bankrupt our hospitals for their medical needs.

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