US Government returns illegal aliens to jobs at Agriprocessor in Postville Iowa after convicting them of felonies

Our corrupt government : After the Kosher plant was busted , illegal aliens get to stay in the country and keep working?  Why should any American follow the laws of this corrupt land?149733578549829a50785b9

Associated traitors piss- March 3, 2009 4:14 PM ET

DES MOINES, Iowa (AP) – Twenty-five material witnesses who could be 01010101020901040320080413218e37fda57237e7ab00b7af
called to testify in a federal case against former managers of a kosher
slaughterhouse have been released from electronic monitoring.

A handful have apparently returned to work at the Agriprocessors plant
in Postville.

The plant was the site of a May 12 immigration raid in which 389 people
were arrested. Most were from Guatemala and Mexico.jail_the_corrupt_politicians

U.S. attorneys officials say all but 1 of the 25 material witnesses were
convicted of felonies. Twenty-3 of them have received work authorization
from the courts.

Were they given new stolen Social Security numbers and fake ID so they
could go back to work? Better watch out they don’t take a crap on the
meat to get back at ICE for enforcing immigration laws.

It was an immigration raid, they arrested illegal immigrants, not Americans.

I’m sure the twenty three have been offered a Green Card to testify
against the employer.




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