Gringo American Living in Nayarit State of Mexico: Mexicans are scum

border-hoppers-with-job-desciot41Rant from Mexico (Nayarit State)

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Date: 2009-03-14, 12:20PM PDT

I’ve lived in a smallish town in Mexico during late fall to early summer for three years. Many of the natives are great people, usually the further you get into the countryside. But I have to tell you the bad news (yeah yeah, I’m a guest in THEIR country, so what..)

1. Many drive like complete fucking idiots. They tailgate at high speeds, pass on dangerous curves even when there is a mile of traffic in front of them, and seem to believe that taking deathly chances equals driving skill. I am sure they have nowhere important to go.
2. EVERY official is corrupt. I’ve paid bribes from everyone to local cops to state cops to federal cops for minor traffic infractions that either did not happen or that Mexicans get a pass on. The alternative to a bribe, usually $20, is to either get an expensive ticket or get your car towed.
3. Try hiring a worker. They don’t show up, show up late, do crappy work, and often just walk off leaving the job half done. Gringos know to pay only for the work completed that day. The work takes three times longer than planned and the workers have a nice four hour siesta every day.
4. The prevailing attitude is to steal from and rip off gringos at every opportunity. They are pissed they are poor and we are relatively well off, so it’s fair game to them. Petty theft is more common than anywhere I’ve been, and I’ve been all over the world.
5. Most Mexicans are racist. Try dating a Mexican woman if you’re a gringo and the whole family freaks out.
6. No one tries to improve the roads, which are for shit. The phone system sucks. The water goes out about once a week. There is no investment in infrastructure except for the rich condo builders. And why not? The richest man in the world is the owner of Telmex. There’s one phone company, one satellite company, one electric company, one government run gas station.
7. Those people who sell trinkets on the beach? Half of them are also dope dealers. They keep their stashes in their carry bags or nearby. In one day I was solicited five times to buy pot or coke from people selling blankets and other crap.

I could go on but you get the point…

  • Location: Nayarit State
  • it’s NOT ok to contac
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  1. Joe C. says:

    Mexicans are a mix of Mongolian Indians, Spanish/Europeans, Jews, Arabs, Moors, Gypsies, West Africans, Melanesians/New Guineans, and Filipino Pygmies. Because of this, they are the worst genetic trash in human history; and they ARE aware of it too.

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