American Woman in Wheelchair sodomized by Mexican Illegal Gerardo Flores-Hernandez in mexi-trash/ Marion County

!American Woman in Wheelchair sodomized by  Mexican Illegal Gerardo Flores-Hernandez  in mexi-trash/ Marion County

This mexican rapist was the boyfriend of a woman who worked there. Lawsuit time: I bet the woman employee  was a fat white woman. Mexicans hate Black women because they are racist and part black themselves.  Senator Jeff Merkley approves of this mexican rapist.

UPDATE** Sheriff’s Office Investigates a Sexual Assault
Marion Co. Sheriff’s Office – 03/17/09

**Update**The Marion County Sheriff’s Office continues to seek the public’s help in locating Gerardo Flores-Hernandez (12-6-71). Detectives indicate their investigation has identified Flores-Hernandez as a suspect in this case and he is no longer considered only a person of interest in the Sexual Assault that occurred on 2-16-09. According to Detectives, Flores-Hernandez was staying with his girlfriend, at the Adult Care Facility on Oregon Trail Court NE, where the assault occurred. His girlfriend was an employee of the Facility and during the night of February 16th, Flores-Hernandez entered the victim’s room and sexually assaulted her. Detectives have probable cause to arrest Flores-Hernandez on charges of Sodomy I, Sex Abuse I Assault IV and Harassment. He also has a warrant out of Marion County for Driving Under the Influence of Intoxicants.The last known address for Flores-Hernandez’s was in the 3200 block of Ladd Ave NE, however, he is no longer at that address and it appears he may have fled to Mexico or the Seattle, Washington area. If you have any information regarding Flores-Hernandez you are asked to contact Marion County Sheriff’s Deputy Todd Bay at (503) 588-5032.The Marion County Sheriff’s Office is investigating a sexual assault that occurred at an Adult Care Facility in the 4400 block of Oregon Trail Court NE. The victim is a 41 year old female who is disabled and confined to a wheel chair. She requires 24 hour care and because of her disability she was unable to defend herself against the sexual attack or escape from her attacker. Sheriff’s Office Detectives have identified a person of interest as, Gerardo Flores-Hernandez
(12-6-71). If anyone has information on his whereabouts they are asked to contact the Sheriff’s Office at (503)588-5032.
Flores-Hernandez is a Hispanic male, 5’4″, 160 pounds, with black hair and brown eyes. In order to protect the victim in this case, the Sheriff’s Office is not releasing her identity.

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