Mexicans have taken over Oregon

Hispanic surge is reshaping Oregon by The Oregonian

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Date: 2009-05-14, 7:31PM PDT

After reading this article in the Oregonian this morning I threw up in my mouth. The whole and sole reason I moved from the Central Valley of California was to get away to somewhere beautiful, where when I went to the store I heard English, my kids weren’t in a classroom full of immigrant/illegals children I have no idea, gangs were sparce or non-existant, and I could live in a place with my culture. What I mean by “my culture” is where I could have my windows open and listen to quiet…NOT oompa-pa oompa-pa Mexican music at all hours of the day, there wasn’t some fiesta every freakin weekend, where I saw a little more ma & pa shops/apple pie & baseball instead of some hole in the wall Mexican food restaraunt at every corner.
I moved here 15 years ago, and now I see the same thing creeping up here to the Portland area and even the small towns here in Oregon. How very very sad. The small town I called home in CA is no more, it is huge and over run with gangs and crime.
No one seemed to believe me years ago but I predict that this area will end up just like California and have all their crime/gang/drug problems. It’s all due to the increase in hispanics.
It doesn’t matter what color I am,because I am a true blooded American through and through and I refuse to see American culture and way of life go down the toilet because of leeches. Yes that is what I am calling the Hispanics that come here soley to “feed” on and suck the life out of American towns. I dare anyone to go on down to the DHS on 82nd drive in Clackamas and the WIC office on Beavercreek RD. in Oregon City and just look at who are the people waiting in line for services, health care, WIC and you will see what I saw… every single family or person was of hispanic descent. Why did I go there, out of curiosity to prove my point, and I did.

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