CAll FAX Congress Today! Open Border$ Lobby ($ 50 million) Is Pushing Amnesty for 38 million Illegal Aliens


From:   Roy Beck, President, NumbersUSA

Date:   Wednesday 3JUN09     1 a.m. EDT

Make sure anti-amnesty faxes and phone calls far outnumber the open-borders efforts


NATIONAL LAUNCH OF OPEN-BORDERS GROUP IS TODAYMake sure your voice is louder in the offices of your Members of Congress than that of the national mobilization for amnesty and higher foreign workers arriving in D.C. this morning.

Send faxes now. Be sure in the second paragraph to add a sentence of your own to make sure the congressional offices understand that the fax comes from a real person — a real voter.

Please take a moment to place a quick phone call to one or all of your Members’ offices. Your phone note will give you easy-to-use talking points.

The key here is to remind your Members that their constituents want LESS immigration, not more! It is a simple message. And it is the opposite message that the big money people will be pushing the rest of the week.

Backed by $50 million in foundation support, around 700 leaders of hundreds of organizations arrive in Washington D.C. this morning to try to pressure Congress to do what it doesn’t want to do . . . .

. . . . vote on an amnesty bill this year that likely will increase green cards and foreign workers by millions a decade.

They held 30 local campaign press events in 20 states Monday. And they’ll hold a “National Town Hall Meeting” on Capitol Hill Thursday to push their agenda of preference for foreign workers over unemployed Americans.

They are trying to breathe some new life into their campaign.

They know that with 14 million Americans officially unemployed, Congress is not in much of a mood to give permanent work permits to more than 8 million illegal alien workers. So they have hired expensive public relations firms to organize a massive number of “phone parties” and “fax and email parties” to try to match or overwhelm the voices of ordinary citizens like yourself.

It is imperative that you send those faxes and make those phone calls this week to overwhelm the voices of the open borders and amnesty.

There are big groups participating this week to push for amnesty and foreign worker increases:

National Council of La Raza (even though Hispanic Americans have suffered an incredible increase in unemployment)

NAACP (even though Black Americans have the worst unemployment in the country)

Service Employees International Union (their main growth in union dues is among foreign workers, so they are willing to abandon American workers)

The United Methodist Church

The Catholic Church

Many, many other religious, ethnic and rights organizations

Why would they turn their backs on America’s beleaguered workers?

Well, one incentive is that most of them have a shot at a share of the $50 million for “comprehensive immigration reform” that has been promised by the Ford, Carnegie, Soros and other foundations.

Only your free faxes and inexpensive phone calls can counteract the power of all that money.


I will be appealing to the Senators for once to look at immigration’s total impact on the national community, rather than just considering the narrow requests of the special interest groups that always dominate immigration decisions.

You can find a link to my testimony on our home page. You can also read my blog and follow links for other information about the Senate Judiciary Committee leadership’s desires for increased immigration at a time Congress should be cutting the numbers at least in half.

Friends, probably the most important calls you can make will be to your Members of Congress who are Democrats. Most of the mobilization this week is aimed at forcing Democrats to take an action that they fear will be unpopular with their home voters. Help make it easier for your Democratic Members to stay away from amnesty this summer.


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