American Mother & child murdered by Drunk Illegal Mexican w no License Zacaria Conses-Garcia

Police: Driver who struck and killed Brewster mom and child had no licenseweq re america

( read the comments: Illegal aliens are now using the 5th ammendment  to avoid giving their national origin to avoid deportation and the judges are siding with the mexicans and other illegals.In Oregon , they have the arrest cite and release program which means the illegals are back on the street driving drunk committing crimes, using fake names.)

SOUTHEAST – State police today said they were continuing to investigate the actions of Zacaria Conses-Garcia leading up to the moment when, police say, he struck and killed a mother and her young daughter as they were walking out of the child’s dance class yesterday. “We’re still trying to piece together his whereabouts, how long he’d been driving, where he’s coming from,” state police Lt. Dominick Chiumento said. Conses-Garcia, who police said worked on a farm in North Salem and Florida, was charged with one count of first-degree vehicular manslaughter, a felony, and driving while intoxicated. Putnam County Chief Assistant District Attorney Christopher York said a charge of first-degree vehicular manslaughter results from causing the death of two individuals.(pic below is from another woman murdered by a mexican hit and run in Oregon)powellcase001.jpg

09 Jun 2009 @ 07:11 pm


From Heartwood – 10 Jun 2009 @ 06:48 am

Go sit in court and see how these prople are slapped on the wrist for DUI and ask yourself “Where is the deterrence. This crime is happening in the courtroom. Police are arresting them and watching as judges let them out for a fraction of the penaltity they give you. I have been there and seen it. Kentucky had a female judge that got fed up with anonymous people using different names each week in court and jailed fifteen illegals until they identified themselves. The apeal court lambasted her and set them free. We need a new judiciary that isn’t afraid of Bush/Obama. They all think that they are going to get federal appointments if they rule politically.

From Gorilla – 10 Jun 2009 @ 06:16 am

Hang the scumbag. Of course after Conses-Garcia receives a fair trial.

From cudzuqueen – 10 Jun 2009 @ 03:31 am

Two more senseless deaths perpetrated by an illegal work thief who never should have been allowed to stay in this country. His employer should be sued as an accomplice to this crime. Just look at that little slack-jawed loser with the giant “L” emblazoned on his forehead…may he rot in Hell for the horrendous sadness he brought upon this little family. crying

senator Ron wyden approves of the murder of Americans by drunk driving. His voting record proves it. So does Senator Merkeley and Wu

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  1. Al Mitchell says:

    Why give them a trial if they are in the USA illegally?????

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