Russian Immigrant Drug Dealers:GORBATENKO and BOLOKHOSKIY busted Ecstasy and PCS Suboxna in West Linn OR

GorbatenkoErratic driving leas to arrest for Delivery and Possession of Controlled Substances (MDMA) Ecstasy
West Linn Police Dept. -Seems like between the Mexicans and the Russians the illegal drug market is covered. More on Ugly Immigrants and why we need to stop all immigration for ten years and Deport the Illegals. This is so commonplace. thumb_BolokhoskiyIt’s not blacks and poor whites that deal drugs, it’s illegal aliens and immigrants.



Early Saturday morning, June 28, 2009 Ofc. Jason Dolan stopped a late model Saturn after seeing it make a series of wide turns, straddle the lane divider, and he was unable to see a registration, or license plates as required by law. He stopped the car in the area of 11th St. and Willamette Falls Dr. and contacted the two occupants of the vehicle.
During the course of his investigation, he discovered 163 Ecstasy tablets (MDMA) and another 19 suboxone tablets. Suboxone is a prescription drug.
Ofc. Dolan arrested Andrey P. BOLOKHOSKIY 19, of Happy Valley, and Alex V. GORBATENKO 23, of Vancouver, WA. Each on charges of Delivery of Controlled Substances (DCS) within 100 feet of a school, and Possession of Controlled Substances (PCS) Ecstasy and PCS Suboxna. Both men were lodges at the Clackamas County jail in lieu of $72,500 bail.
These subjects were arrested about 1 block from Willamette Primary School, in West Linn’s Willamette Neighborhood.

The value of the Ecstacy is estimated at $3,600

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0 Responses to Russian Immigrant Drug Dealers:GORBATENKO and BOLOKHOSKIY busted Ecstasy and PCS Suboxna in West Linn OR

  1. CCCP says:

    Stopping immigrants from coming in won’t stop anything. The underground crime amongst the russians, especailly in the Portland/vancouver areas is so much bigger and more powerful than people suspect. They aren’t some punk ass kids making a quick buck, it’s a huge industry. From cars, to drugs, to guns, Russians are going crazy and they are being pretty slick about it too. As an american citizen who was born in Ukraine, let me tell you, you don’t know a thing. CCCP!!!

  2. Jake McIntosh says:

    This is the same Russian scum whose fathers were making and sending the SAM missiles to N vietnam in the 60s to shoot down friends of mine..
    Give them the same justice the Kremlin would give our boys , shoot em in back of head in a special execution cell within 7 days of trial !
    This is the thanks USA gets for letting this ex stalinist trash in to start a new life !

  3. Denis says:

    CCCP you are Ukrainian and Ukrainians are even worse than Russians Ukranians usually cause all the violence and drama infact the second guy who got cut with this guy was ukranian.
    and for you Mr.Jake McIntosh no body drag you in to the vietnam war, your ass went there at your own will so stop complain that your puck ass friends got killed up there

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