Vasquez-Mendoza, Luis Missing drunk illegal alien mexican, illegal alien at Dobbins Farm out of the Woodland area

Missing  drunk illegal alien mexican from Dobbins Farm out of the Woodland area
Cowlitz Co. Sheriff’s Office – 06/29/09

Well more Mexican Humor. Instead of Hiring Americans or teenagers , Dobbins farm hired an alchoholic old short drunk mexican , and now we must waste police time to look for him. Maybe he self -deported himself back to Mexico? nah. Never happens. 

The addresss to Report Dobbins Farm is on my about stop the invasion of Oregon page 

Vasques-Medoza, Luis

Vasques-Medoza, Luis

Woodland, WASH – The Dobbins Berry Farm is reporting one of their workers as missing. The employee, Vasquez-Mendoza, Luis, was last seen last June 24th in the early morning hours. He is 47YOA, and was living at the Dobbins Farm at 1405 Goerig Road in Woodland. He is 5-1, 160lbs, black hair, brown eyes, and he has no family in the area. Mr. Vasques-Medoza had been drinking heavily before his disappearance and the co-workers are worried something may have happen to him. He was last seen wearing a blue button-down shirt, blue jeans, and wine colored cowboy boots.

If anyone has any information about this persons locatoin, please call the Cowlitz County sheriff’s Office at 360-577-3092missing_person_vasques-Mendoza_Luis_09-7913_III

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