Qwest outsources to India how to beat Qwest at their crappy system

  Its like this- When you first order with Qwest you get an American citizen who speaks English fluently. you dont even know what is going to happen later.
 Then you move and you are an existing  customer or the Internet goes down. You get sent to India where they tell you their Name is Jim.

 The language barriers are so vast  that it is impossible to communicate , it takes forever, it is insane. it doesn’t matter if the people in India think they speak English, they have no understanding of what is going on.

 so to beat Qwest or to get any decent service you must say you are a new customer when you dial in, because another fun thing Qwest does is have their computer Human who asks a million questions and then sends you to the wrong department anyway. New customers don’t have to deal with him.

 Then when you get the real American who speaks English, say dont you dare send me back to India, I want to speak to an American who speaks English. They will oblige you.

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