Mexican Drug Dealer EFRAIN NAVA Busted w/ 70 lbs of Marijuana


Mexican Anchor Baby deals drugs or is it Mexican illegal alien deals drugs, or just some Hispanic Scum helping to ruin the United States?



An Oregon State Police (OSP) traffic stop Wednesday morning led to the arrest of a California man and the seizure of approximately 70 pounds of high grade marijuana on Interstate 5 south of Ashland. The seized marijuana has an estimated value of $210,000.On September 16, 2009, at approximately 6:37 a.m., an OSP trooper stopped a silver 2007 Pontiac G-6 displaying California license plates southbound near milepost 3 for a traffic violation. The lone occupant/driver was identified as EFRAIN NAVA, age 30, from Redwood City, California.

A subsequent investigation related to the stop led to the discovery of high-grade marijuana in sixty individually packaged plastic bags and a large black plastic garbage bag concealed within the trunk and back seat portions of the vehicle. The marijuana weighed approximately 70 pounds.

NAVA was arrested and lodged in the Jackson County Jail for Unlawful Possession, Distribution and Manufacturing of a Controlled Substance-Marijuana. Bail is set at $60,000.00.

Photograph Sources:
NAVA photo – Jackson County Sheriff’s Office
Marijuana photo – Oregon State Police

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