US Military gives Green Cards, Bribes to Illegal Mexicans to fight in Iraq


This illegal hispanic male soldier murdered his pregnant Blond blue-eyed American girlfriend. see link below.,2933,394222,00.html

No to Amnesty for Illegals in Military. That’s all we need is a bunch of military trained Mexicans to take us out.
The US military recruiters are promising or giving the illegal aliens, cash grants, fake green cards, citizenship, anything they want.Why? Just to fight Bush’s War.
Mercenaries do not deserve citizenship.

US military recruiting illegal aliens Fri, 28 Dec 2007 23:25:18 GMT
Mexican citizen groups claim the US army is recruiting illegal immigrants from Mexico to send them to the war in Iraq. According to Prensa Latina on Friday in Culiacan, the capital of the northern state Sinaloa, civil activist Ildefonso Ortiz Cabrera told reporters that US military officers use young men of Latin American origin to recruit for the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq. Ortiz Cabrera reported about his own experience in Phoenix, Arizona, where army recruiters suggested he go to a military base, instead he decided to return to El Burrion, his town in Sinaloa. Many illegal Mexican immigrant families in the US have been persuaded to return to their places of origin, because of fear that their adolescent children are to be recurred to go to war. It’s commonly asserted in Mexico that the US military uses minorities, including Hispanics, as cannon fodder. The governor of the Mexican state of Zacatecas recently made the astounding declaration that 70% of the US military is black and Hispanic – with 40% being of Mexican origin. SG/HAR
US military recruiting illegal aliens Fri, 28 Dec 2007 23:25:18 GMT


The US military gives green cards to illegal mexican trash to fight in (iraq-here is an example)

Date: 2009-09-18, 7:52AM PD

From:Hate mail from mexicans
“jeremias zaragoza” <>
bro get a life your a peace of shit what are you some kinda natzi mother fucker
suck a dick and choke on it cock sucker fuckin faget
 this is the person who I believe wrote the following hate attack on white americans



 following is the monkey hate gibberish of a typical illegal meixcan in the United States . I know it’s true that illegal mexicans have been allowed to become citizens simply for fighting in the war . No one who was legal wanted to fight a stupid war in iraq.

 I met an ugly mexican breeder who was about four feet tall and close to 45 who had six kids and the oldest was in iraq- she was still popping out the babies- mexican tacos never stop popping out babies for legal Americans to raise –

 There are many articles about the scandal  of giving green cards to illegals but best to hear it from the horse’s mouth


re: fucking mexicans… (United states of cowards) (portland)——————————————————————————–
Reply To This Post——————————————————————————–

I didn’t even read that post but you sound smart though…….

your just another dirty transparnet fuck who uses stereotypes as your backbone to arguments, your lame and about the grammer I dont give a shit .

.really that’s just another excuse you fucks use to try and gain the upper hand.

 Here are some facts (not stereotypes)

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which makes you look like flamming faggot and thatnk for voting for obama your just another white bitch bowin down to a black man ..

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34 months in iraq gives me my right to be here you scum fuck why dont you go do


what your people does best go fuck a toddlers or better yet go meet up with the millions of closet fag you guys have and form a building of glory holes and just keep spreading that hiv .,…………………..your filth and I would say that directly to your face, unlike you


Location: portland
it’s NOT ok to contact this poster with services or other commercial interestsPostingID: 1380195964

  • Location: iraq-here is an example

  • it’s NOT ok to contact this poster with services or other commercial interests

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image 1380471047-3

PostingID: 1380471047


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  1. Anonymous says:

    It’s incredible how there could still be such ignorance living in our beautiful country. With all the schooling, resources, and vast flowing information out there. We are all people. Black, white, latinos..whatever. Doesn’t matter the color of skin. We eat, shit, sleep, and bleed the same. Both of you stop being so hateful! It’s just retarded and I am so ashamed that after all the wars and great people fighting for equality like Martin Luther King who died because of ignorant assholes like you two,
    that we still have neanderthals with half a pea brain talking shit about being better because of your race? Get a fucking clue. Duh!

    • stoptheinvasionoforegon says:

      celina cruz- you just proved that Hispanics are some of the dumbest bipedal hominids on the planet.
      like we are all 99 percent water! duH ! stop being so mexican and stupid

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