Bumpoholics: New PC term to disguise skyrocketing birth rate in US due to Illegal aliens mexicans and anchor baby syndrome


go 149733578549829a50785b9to the John Tess site and enter Bumpoholic.

This is an excellent example of where the Corporate, PC world  meets the Real World and tries to find a nice polite term devoid of race, nationality, diversity, or controversy to describe the corrupt use of the Anchor Baby Laws by illegal, third world women with wombs. Essentially bumpoholic means anchor baby syndrome, where women, who are illegal, anchor themselves to the cash cow or candy store called the USA and our welfare system by giving birth to an anchor baby.

 Last year the Birth rate in the US jumped to 4.3 million, the highest ever, and I bet most of them were by illegal mexicans and muslim immigrants and other State Department Trash.  So somehow a shrink in California , epicenter of the invasion, takes the rapacious exploitation of our country by mexicans etc, and describes it in terms of low self-esteem. They are having babies because  A. they are catholic or muslim trash ,uneducated and they brought with them a culture that values big families. They have the US taxpayer  paying for all those anchor babies. http://neutermexicans.com/muslim whoreThe mexicans and muslims get 200.00 for food stamps per child. They get housing. they get medical , free schooling , WIC,and then they can also fight deportation using those kids. Everyone needs to go to Numbersusa and tell your Congressperson you want immigration stopped and no Amnesty for illegal aliens.

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