South Africa Sucks because of Black Rule and Violence

south africa sucks (because of black rule and violence)

Date: 2009-09-22, 10:43PM PDT


If you are straight, white, and male, please stand up. Congratulations, you are more privileged than you probably ever realized. Because of your blessed birth, you are responsible for the victimization of thousands of your underprivileged peers.The non whites hate you, yet they view you as gold chip stock. they want your white skin and blue or green eyes, they want your babies, they want you as a trophy.
Location: because of black rule and violence
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1 Response to South Africa Sucks because of Black Rule and Violence

  1. J Bloggs says:

    Just making sure this site actually worked….

    Of course SA sucks because of Black misrule and violence, but you whites voted the ANC into power in the first place and you must be pretty thick to think that the blacko’s would provide decent government.

    Yeesh of course they F******ed things up…what did you expect??????

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