Boycott Goodwill

052609_castellanos_drugscandleflickerpls note candls should be black to reflect pox upon Goodwill

In 2005, Goodwill Industries of the Columbia Willamette (GICW), Goodwill’s Portland, Oregon branch, came under scrutiny due to executive compensation that the Oregon attorney general’s office concluded was “unreasonable”. President Michael Millerdfnandlgadslkga received $838,508 in pay and benefits for fiscal year 2004, which was reportedly out of line in comparison to other charity executives and placed him in the top one percent of American wage earners. After being confronted with the state’s findings, Miller agreed to a 24% reduction in pay, and GICW formed a new committee and policy for handling matters of employee compensation typical  goodwill client times 100 – nice place to meet illegal aliens and anchor babies.182px-Goodwill_Industries_Logo_svg[used_toilet_paper

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