In one generation California became a Third World Cesspool because of Illegal alien Invaders – largely from Mexico

3Alex Alexiev writes:

“California’s financial unraveling has prompted a long-overdue debate about taxes, regulation, and government spending, but the state’s media and government continue to ignore what could be an even greater problem: the irreparable damage to California’s human capital that nearly 30 years of unrestrained illegal immigration has achieved.

This is an immigration problem, and  an illegal-immigration problem,  . Today’s illegal alien invaders from latin countries are  from its bottom rungs. The influx has  been composed mainly of the poorly educated, the unskilled, and the illiterate and the criminal. Such illegal alien squatters will likely soon dominate the state’s overall population and politics.

In 2005, the California K12 school system was 48.5 percent Hispanic, compared with 30.9 percent white. By now it is above 50 percent Hispanic. Two-thirds of kindergarten students were Hispanic, most of them unable to speak English.

For a closer glimpse of what’s in store for California, look at the Los Angeles Unified School District, the largest in California and the second largest in the country. Of its roughly 700,000 students, almost three-quarters are Hispanic, 8.9 percent are white, and 11.2 percent are black. More than half of the Latino students (about 300,000) are “English learners” and, depending on whether you believe the district or independent scholars, anywhere between a third and a half drop out of high school, following significant attrition in middle school. A recent study by UC Santa Barbara’s California Dropout Research Project estimates that high-school dropouts in 2007 alone will cost the state $24.2 billion in future economic losses.

Even those who graduate aren’t necessarily headed to success. According to one study, 69 percent of Latino high-school graduates “do not meet college requirements or satisfy prerequisites for most jobs that pay a living wage.” It is difficult to see how the majority-Hispanic labor force of the future can provide the skills that the sophisticated Los Angeles economy demands. Already studies show that as many as 700,000 Los Angeles Latinos and some 65 percent of the city’s illegal immigrants work in L.A.’s huge underground economy.

The unhappy picture in Los Angeles is replicated to one degree or another across much of California and is taking a huge toll on the state’s economic competitiveness and long-term prospects. California’s educational system, once easily the best in the country, is today mired in mediocrity near the bottom among the 50 states as judged by National Assessment of Educational Progress (NAEP) tests in math, science, reading, and writing. And for the first time in its history, California is experiencing an increase in adult illiteracy. In 2003, it had the highest adult illiteracy in the United States, 23 percent nearly 50 percent higher than a decade earlier. In some counties (Imperial at 41 percent, Los Angeles at 33 percent) illiteracy approaches sub-Saharan levels.

Perhaps even more important than the collapse of educational achievement among the lower strata is a deterioration of the higher education that was for decades the basis of California’s preeminence in science and technology. California currently ranks 40th among the 50 states in college-attendance rates, and it already faces a significant shortage of college graduates. Studies have shown that the economy will need 40 percent of its workers to be college-educated by 2020, compared with today’s 32 percent. Given the aging white population (average age, 42), many of these new graduates will have to come from the burgeoning Latino immigrant population (average age, 26). By one estimate, this would require tripling of the number of college-educated immigrants, an impossibility if current trends hold. The state’s inability to improve the educational attainment of its residents will result in a “substantial decline in per capita income” and “place California last among the 50 states” by 2020, according to a study by the National Center for Higher Education Management Systems.

The mediocre education system, along with the unfriendly business climate and confiscatory tax regime, is driving educated, middle-class Californians out of the state. Between 2000 and 2005, more people with college degrees left California than came in, according to research by the Hewlett Foundation. Since then this trend has accelerated, and the state lost 2.2 million members of its young, educated, tax-paying middle class between 2004 and 2007. IRS data show that of recent migrants from the Golden State to places like Texas and Oklahoma, who average 29 years of age, 58 percent have received at least some college education and 53 percent own their homes.

In short, we are witnessing a highly advanced and prosperous state, long endowed with superior human capital, turning into the exact opposite in just one generation. What can be done to stop this race to the bottom? The answer is simple: California and Washington need to enforce existing immigration law. Unfortunately, it is difficult to convince the public that this is necessary, so deeply entrenched are myths about illegal immigration.

One myth is that because America is a country of immigrants and has successfully absorbed waves of immigration in the past, it can absorb this wave. But the argument neglects two key differences between past waves and the current influx. First, the immigrant population is more than double today what it was following the most massive previous immigration wave (that of the late 19th century). Second, and much more important, as scholars from the Manhattan Institute have shown, earlier immigrants were much more likely to bring with them useful skills. Some Hispanic immigrants certainly do integrate, but most do not. Research has shown that even after 20 years in the country, most illegal aliens (the overwhelming majority of whom are Hispanic) and their children remain poor, unskilled, and culturally isolated they constitute a new permanent underclass.

Perhaps the most disingenuous myth about illegal immigrants is that they do not impose any cost on society. The reality is that even those who work and half do not, according to the Pew Hispanic Center cannot subsist on the wages they receive and depend on public assistance to a large degree. Research on Los Angeles immigrants by Harvard University scholar George J. Borjas shows that 40.1 percent of immigrant families with non-citizen heads of household receive welfare, compared with 12.7 percent of households with native-born heads. Illegal immigrants also increase public expenditures on health care, education, and prisons. In California today, illegal immigrants’ cost to the taxpayer is estimated to be $13 billion half the state’s budget deficit.

The state should stop providing welfare and other social services to illegal aliens as existing statutes demand and severely punish employers who break the law by hiring illegal immigrants. This would immediately remove powerful economic incentives for illegal immigration, and millions of illegal aliens would return to their countries. Instead, with President Obama in the White House and the Democrats controlling Congress, an amnesty for the country’s 13 million illegal immigrants may be soon to come.

Milton Friedman once said that unrestrained immigration and the welfare state do not mix. Must we wait until California catches up with Mexico to realize how right he was?

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0 Responses to In one generation California became a Third World Cesspool because of Illegal alien Invaders – largely from Mexico

  1. Delaware Bob says:

    This should make California proud! Wait until obama and the democraps give 20 million illegal aliens amnesty. This whole Country will be a third world Country.

    There is still a chance to clean up the mess. Get a State Illegal Immigration Law like Arizona, Oklahoma, Missouri, Mississippi, Utah, Georgia, South Carolina, Rhode Island and a few other States. WAKE UP out there California!

  2. Colony14 says:

    Here’s somethin’ that not alot of people I’ve talked to that still think that Mexicans are “only here to work” have not taken into consideration.
    After Obongo does his ‘Shamnesty’ for millions upon millions of Illegals that also will include their EXTENDED family members too, they will automatically be eligable for the one and only Social ‘Entitlement’ Program they have not really be able to do a take-over on yet: SSI-Supplemental Security Income, and in California, the added Cash and Tax Free Benefit check of SSP-State Supplemental Payments!
    Think of it: all those Mexicans, El Salvadorians, Hondurans, Belizans, ets., will ALL be ‘Entitled’ to be able to Apply and Qualify for lifetime SSI checks!
    This means, they will not have to work and pay a penny of tax dollars, not have to pay a penny of tax either.
    And, when the Head of Household is on SSI, the Entire Family will also get an SSI check each month.
    I have envisioned thousands of former illegals within only a week after they are done partying and drinking after Odingo’s ‘Shamnesty’ to start Lining Up at every single Social Security Office across the Nation to Apply and Qualify for lifetime, tax free, work free, can own a home of ANY SIZE or ANY VALUE Whatsoever, SSI…..and in Cali,, SSP.
    That’s in Cali., $907 per individual and $1,569 per Couple of CASH, Tax Free and Work Free CASH.
    Instead of converting the SSP portion of this cash check in Cali., to Food Stamps like all the other states, Cali., continues to give these people the HIGHEST amount of work and tax free CASH each and every single month.
    If you go to a website called: you ‘click’ on “people living on SSI” and have a LOOK at California!
    It’s deep dark purple colored because people KNOW California pays the HIGHEST in SSI checks because the state ADDs another cash amount with the SSP portion!
    There’s NO TAX REVENUE in this state anymore, and this stupid state still insists upon paying the highest amount to SSI’s.
    -So, it causes a huge IN-MIGRATION into Cali. There are more SSI’s in Kali., than any other state, because they just keep on moving here to get that $907 per head OR $1,569 per couple.
    I know families that ALL get a check each month, about a half inch thick or thicker.
    The Dad get’s an SSI/SSP check, the Mom get’s an SSI/SSP check and all the kids get an SSI/SSP check and Grama and Grampa live there so they too age 65+ whether or not they are LEGALLY here does NOT MATTER, they get a couples SSI/SSP check too.
    So, add that up, and that’s an expensive California Ranch house spread house payment!
    That’s how they do it or will after they are Shamnestied.
    Usually, the Mamma is on Welfare, and the Anchor’s are on Welfare, and the Dad works under the table mostly at Construction. This is why the Meltdown happened.
    When California’s hugh Construction Boom quit happening the Welfare checks were not enough to make those huge California McMansion house payments.
    So, the foreclosure’s happened. And the huge amount of FIRES has been no suprise to me at all. These guys will all get What?
    CONSTRUCTION jobs to re-build the burned down houses!
    But, I cannot wait to see just HOW California and other states plan to PAY OUT the Newly Legalized SSI payments when they cannot afford to pay out Tax Free, Work Free SSI payments to people that are already on SSI.
    This is one big reason WHY Odingo wants to pass the Genocide Obamacare bill. He’s going to collect all those Tax Dollars 4 years before anything even get’s started to pay for HIS PEOPLE that all live off MediCAID and in California, MediCAL.
    Odingo’s ‘people’ live off one of two Entitlements.
    Either they live off Mommie/Baby Welfare or SSI.
    So, Odingo will do WHATEVER he has to do to FUND MediCAID/MediCAL, SSI, and WELFARE(AFDC/CalWORKS/TANF).

  3. Michael Mitchell says:

    Take action… Pass it on. 

    Let’s start 50+ years ago… Freedom and Equality for all… (FEFA) 

    The United States of America enjoyed relative peace, a high standard of living and families lovingly raising children. 
    We were in a Cold war and following each drill we come out from under our school desks and were told that in the United States of America everyone was equal and had the opportunity to realize their potential, unlike the communists. 
    What happened? The 1960’s began with an Irish/Catholic President who was assassinated in ‘63 and later his brother met the same fate in ‘68. Following John F. Kennedy’s assassination, Lyndon B. Johnson came to power and began to wreak havoc. The Immigration and Nationality Act of 1965 made a mess of our country. Up until that time America had a fruitful middle class and a national culture that was the envy of the world. But in a fit of leftist beginnings we opened the borders. Before 1965, the US had approximately 300,000 immigrants per year. In 1966 there were 1,045,000 “legal” immigrants. Illegals who were not counted became legendary and ensued baby factory homes on your block, landlords renting out Lazy Boy chairs in their homes at $500 per chair, etc. The result benefited big business, bureaucrats and especially the educrats who now had control of new legal/illegal (English as a second language) education. Thank you LB..J… 

    Coincidentally, the Vietnam War continued to heat up under the direction of Lyndon and his Wolf Pack. The US military was charged with fighting communism in the bowels of the earth. Thanks to the draft, our government had the view of get ‘um “ready”, put a gun in their hand, and ship ‘em over! Young men from California, Texas, Minnesota, New York and all the states went over and were killed or maimed. In fact 58,159 US soldiers were killed. So, just as we were importing millions of people from other countries, the United States government was committing genocide on its young men. As this was happening, the liberals were spitting on our returning servicemen and beginning a regime of affirmative action quotas. In 1966, the liberal D.C. elite thought that there were too many blacks being killed in Vietnam, so an edict was passed through the US Officer Corp. to “limit black combat exposure”, hence the percentage of white men killed in Vietnam was over 86% Anyone that has lived in areas like Southern California know that its cities are devoid of white men as they were killed in Vietnam and precluded from raising families.  In 1968 Martin King was killed and immediately nine Harvard Medical School faculty met with its Dean, Mr. Ebert (1A) to initiate illegal discrimination by starting Harvard’s race based affirmative action in favor of blacks and others. MLK is a National Holiday, JFK day is just another day and President’s Day has replaced some of our distinct Presidents Holidays like honoring George Washington’s birth, but we can’t ever forget MLK… Race based initiatives continued to ratf..k good Americans in areas relating to education, employment, housing and credit. FEFA be damned, fascism in America.  

    The golden LB…J… years were followed by the Nixon years. It is interesting to note that both men had no reservations about sending men to war. Johnson received a Silver Star having served no more than “13 minutes in combat and only as an observer” but he had friends in Washington because of his Congressional record. Both he and Nixon only had daughters, which I have discovered is often the case and lead men to think more highly of themselves. Ahh… Nixon, he was rode out on a rail, a  scumbag, but not before he took the greatest step toward US insolvency in its brief history. He, in collaboration with the Federal Reserve, took the united States off the Gold Standard and allowed the Fiat/Fraud to begin. He reasoned that the country was bankrupt, led by the LB..J..’s Great Society and Vietnam War, Nixon the vile crook that he was, came up with a scatter-brained solution; go off the gold standard… This allowed the Federal Reserve to print money, give it to their favored cronies, manipulate interest rates and gradually obfuscate the middle class. Thomas Jefferson knew that at some point there would be a, “Tricky Dick” Nixon, and stated, “If the American people ever allow private banks to control the issue of their currency, first by inflation, then by deflation, the banks and corporations that will grow up around [the banks] will deprive the people of all property until their children wake-up homeless” (circa 1700’s).

    From the 1970’s, 1980’s and beyond successive administrations in concert with Federal Reserve Chairmen, manipulated the currency and banking system to destroy the Greatest Wealth Creation Machine in history. The destroyers include, Nixon, Volker, Greenspan, Milken, Paulson, Madoff, Bernanke, Geithner… more to follow.

    The states, in concert wiith the Feds were complicit in striipping freedom and resources from Good Americans. California, perpetually on the brink of moral and fiscal bankruptcy passed an intiative in 1994 (Prop. 187) to save the state. Voters mandated that individuals could not receive taxpayer assistance (welfare etc.) without being a US citizen. The liberal courts overturned the will of the people and further enslaved millions of lawful Californians and their children to pay billions for the illegals. The government who took care of them and crooked businesses who employed them, reaped the benefits and exchanged sovereignty for fascism.    
    Meanwhile, the last forty years of affirmative action allowed the elite to confiscate trillions of dollars and leave the country bankrupt. They were in a position to use quotas to foster individuals (minorities) to further their agenda,  while promulgating the illusion of moral/liberal redress.  Elites have had control of the process and the US is stupid, broke and liberal. We have a white man who embraced his blackness to become president and soon a proud rascist latina in a black robe. Freedom and equality for no one…  

    Hundreds of thousands of strong fighters have died defending freedom and we are left with stupid weak metro Americans…  Make no mistake  US/CA has had the most vile and corrupt government (1965-200?) the world has ever known.  Bureaucrats, educrats, liberal scum, stanford stealers and harvard hucksters may continue to hasten the sweet silence/barbaric roar of the next Dark Age. Then like now, anything is better than the US fascist freedom facade.    

    Remember the classroom and the threat of Communist nuclear aggression? There should have been a warning sign for white males stating, “you are free to leave, because Affirmative Action will ratf..k you in education, employment, credit and housing, furthermore we will have a bogus foreign war and exterminate you–Caution the next forty years will be Dangerous–. Finally for those unfortunate enough not to heed this warning, we will f..k the country and make your grandchildren pay for it… You dumbass”


    Click to access n

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