Imported Foreign Workers:H1-b Indians Displace Legal Americans in jobs and housing Corporations Destroy United States

p1010437P1010436Reply to: Where do White People Live in this Area

( pictures are from an Indian immigrant owned Motel in Beaverton Oregon called Budget Inn. They break every law possible including hiring Mexicans for substandard wages, demolishing the buidling without a permit, renting it out while it is being worked on. They even emptied the pool and partially filled it cement blocks , yet have no warning signs or fence to prevent people from falling in. City ignores this and it’s only a couple blocks from Traders Joes, which is also filled with Hindu Nationals) 

Date: 2009-10-03, 10:20PM

I have been looking for apartments and I swear to god, every apartment community i visited was overrun by Indians. I am talking 75% of residents Indian – which just lead to a generally drag down of the property: kids screaming and littering in the pools and surrounding grounds, smell of curry and body odor in hall-ways, screaming on the cell, leaving door to apartments open to let out said smell….hanging clothes outsides on the balcony…so what the hell is going on here? Where do civilized people live in this area? Sunnyvale, Cupertino, Mountain View, Santa Clara…all overrun by Indians acting like they are in their homeland and in fact never left India. WTF.

I agree with you. Regarding this issue, not long ago the following was posted in Craigslist:

“In the last few years, have you noticed the swarm of Indians moving to the United States?

To increase their profit, large corporations in the Silicon Valley are hiring these people to come to work to the USA on a temporary visa paying them lower wages to what an American would make for the same job. Once they are here, they bring their spouses, children, parents, relatives, etc. and when their visa expires and/or it is not renewed, they don’t’ come back to India, instead they continue working and living in this country illegally.

Meantime, war veterans returning from Iraq can’t find a job and the same apply for veterans from prior wars.

The questions are? Have the Indians made enough merits to live permanently in the USA? Has any Indian fought for this country? Are the Indians better than we Americans? Americans have to apply for unemployment and/or food stamps in order to survive. Look at them, driving expensive cars and living in beautiful neighborhoods displacing our war veterans because they are on foreclosure. The same could be said about the Chinese.

India and China are one of the most populated countries in this planet and because of that, they have destroyed their own country with pollution, famine, unemployment, housing shortages, etc., and now they coming here to destroy this beautiful land of ours. This situation needs to be stop. (By the way,

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