Albany Oregon Apartment Complex bans American Flag because it might bother Mexican trash

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Barb Holcomb, Manager
Oaks Apartments
1440 Geary Cir. SE
Albany, OR 97322


Stanley J Keller
3918 Three Lakes Rd SE
Albany, OR 97322-7637
(541) 926-5062

So KVAL goes to the (un)AMERICAN CIVIL LIBERTIES UNION for advice? Of course those quacks will say that enforcing a no flag rule is not illegal. These people are anti-everything this country traditionally stands for.
How much would you bet that if it was a Mexican Flag that this lady had said couldn’t be flown that the ACLU would’ve been on that like white on rice? Oh man, instantly, with 100% pro-bono representation.
Seriously KVAL, the ACLU?
Either you are crappy reporters that don’t know where to go for real legal advice or counsel, or else it’s now no secret where you lean.



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spartanrace 36p · 4 hours ago


Stan Keller, a 71-year-old Navy veteran and owner of the apartments. The navy should cut off all ties with stan, and revoke his pension for standing by barbShe said her boss has stood by her — both when she enforced the policy and when she lifted it.”I made a policy. I was wrong,” she said. “My boss is a wonderful man. He backed me 100 percent — even when I was wrong.”



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middleroader69 63p · 4 hours ago



Ms. Holcomb is obviously not ready to be an apartment manager. Let’s send her back to the trailer park she came from. Or to a country whose flag she does NOT hate, and watch what happens when she suggests it not be displayed.

She is one of those people who would make me feel embarrassed to be a member of tthe human race if it wasn’t for all the good readers of KATU.



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quailblaster 41p · 4 hours ago


It is sad that the manager had to consult with a LOY YAWW rather than common sense and her own right and wrong to determine if flying a flag was ok.



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quailblaster 41p · 4 hours ago


This isnt a Republican versus Democrat Conservative versus Liberal story, this is about whether we Americans will choose personal freedom over tyranny and a police state. I hope we choose freedom.


Public Law 109-243 “Freedom to Display the American Flag
Act of 2005”

The ban is illegal.


And, to almost nobodies surprise, the ACLU refuses to defend the civil rights of those who wish to fly the US Flag. Instead, they would back the management, who wishes to have no flags. Interesting.
When I first read this, I thought..hmm..civil rights, first amendment–gee…I wonder if the ACLU would help with this..
and then I woke up and realized the ACLU could never defend ANYTHING American.
Glad the policy is gone though (sounds like flags are now ok at least in windows and on cars.)



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muffinbread 0p · 3 hours ago



Thanks Jebus for… In review: Ms. Holcomb stated herself + Keller respectively tenant-mgr, owner-incompetent/building-maintenance. Holcomb alleged ‘a small housekeeping problem WE want to take care of’. WE? Holcomb didn’t like prior mgr’s silence in the face of her longstanding edict. Rattled tenants tattled on Holcomb, who might’ve sought form changes…pesky flag-on-your-vehicle mongering tenants represented–Americans, Hispanics, Colleges. One owns a jeep AND motorcycle (good renter?). One flagger honored his son and military. Media fast-phoned ACLU-Oregon for Carson’s race-card dainty, then Salem Multi-Housing Cncl’s Cedarleaf quote for the stationer’s angle. Did Holcomb’s 30-year shingle save face? Can Keller rest easy in his 188-unit apt bldg ownership, flag-knowledge firm, apart from controlling media/ACLU debutante Holcomb, who caused this balloon? Ms. Cathy Ingalls, news reporter at Albany Democrat-Herald, did you phone the DMV for vehicle flag-flying code. ACLU, buy yourself, Holcomb, and lawyers roses for blog-interest garnered. Kudos.

I understand that landlords have the right to restrict tenants to certain rules. But when you go so far as to tell them they can’t have an American flag on their vehicle, that is just nuts. I’m glad they had a change of heart (after the media got involved).
I guess I have to wonder in the first place, WHO is offended by seeing an American flag? My guess would be someone who has come here to “escape” their home country where they don’t even have the freedom to make such a complaint.
I’m from Albany, NY and saw this story on our local morning news. I was OUTRAGED! I searched the internet until I found this site. I just had to say what was on my mind. Oh, and by the way……GOD BLESS AMERICA!

looks like Salem Multi-Housing Cncl’s Cedarleaf saved the day.

This really pisses me off because I was evicted fo01010501041001030420070702da43a0a112241510b1001837r refusing to take down a No Amnesty Sign from my car at an apartment complex in Portland Oregon. I contacted the ACLU and they declined the case . The complex was full of illegal alien  mexican trash from New Mexico, who had the Mexican flag on the wall of their living room.
The only reason the renters weren’t evicted was because the media actually intervened on thier behalf.moving flagbullshit  Americans really need to know that it is the renters who are taking it in the face from illegal aliens , who are using the police and  the greed of landlords to knock Legal Americans down. 3n93me3o2ZZZZZZZZZ979757ce3c8ee351a1d

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  1. Mark P. says:

    Unbelievable. This reminds me of the old country song Okie from Muskogee. “They want our milk and honey but they preach about some other way of living


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