West Longview Hispanic Slum _Illegal Cuban Amet, Asencio-Marquez Stabbed by Hispanic Illegal Trash

UPDATE: Stabbing in West Longview last night, suspect at large, victim survived.
Cowlitz Co. Sheriff’s Office – 10/13/09 ( just an aside, does everyone know that if Cubans enter the US through Mexico, the State Department looks the other way and says they are not illegal?)  Longview and Kelso are spanish slums- I hate to use the word Hispanic because it was created by the Feds to cover up the invasion of Latino trash.) Also note how the police are so polite about entire apartments being full of  spanish speaking criminals with knives. Knives and machetes are mexican.

UPDATE: The victim illegal alien from Cuba of the stabbing was interviewed by a Cowlitz County Sheriff’s detective today (Tues October 13th). The victim, who was still in a Portland hospital, was able to clearly communicate the events surrounding the stabbing. Detectives have a suspect in the c3nd3ka3l2ZZZZZZZZZ93e9bf52befc70e19c1ase but do not want to identify that person until more work on the case has been accomplished. The Sheriff’s Office does not want to provide details about the victim’s medical condition. Anyone who has information about this case, and has not already talked with detectives, are encouraged to call the Sheriff’s Office at (360) 577-1206. Callers may remain anonymous by calling Crime Stoppers at (360) 577-1206.

Longview, Wash – The Cowlitz County 911 center received a call from a person at the apartment complex at 2120 – 46th Ave last night at 9:40 p.m. The caller stated a man had been stabbed. Deputies responded to the scene and found Amet, Asencio-Marquez, 37yrs of Portland, Or. had a stab wound to the chest. He was transported by Ambulance, where he was lifeflighted to an Oregon Hospital. Due to the serious injury the victim recieved, he was not able to answer very many of the deputies questions last night. Deputies questioned folks at the apartments last night.

 Many folks hispanic cuban illegal trash are of a Cuban Ethnicity and language barriers present a challenge for investigators. BoeremeisieThe vehicle that Amet arrived at the apartment complex has been impounded by deputies. Detectives have been sent to Portland in hopes of being able to interview Amet this afternoon. No description of the suspect is available. The Sheriff’s Office does not want to describe the victim’s injuries in any more detail than to say that he received at least one stab wound to the chest. Evidence was recovered at the scene but it is too early to tell what role the evidence that has been collected, play a role in the case. Anyone who has information about the case is encouraged to call the Cowlitz County Sheriff’s Office at (360) 577-3092. They can remain anonymous by calling Crime Stoppers at (360) 577-1206.

If there is any new information it will be released by us on Flashnews.

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0 Responses to West Longview Hispanic Slum _Illegal Cuban Amet, Asencio-Marquez Stabbed by Hispanic Illegal Trash

  1. Cecilia Ramirez says:

    Cecilia Ramirez cecy1230@yahoo.com
    Why does everyone say go back to Mexico when you refer to illegal Immigrants? I thought Immigrants where ppl that were NOT BORN IN THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA! that means ILLEGAL Chinese, Japenese, Iraquies, Mexicans, Guatemalans, ETC. Why is it that a say Chinese person have a normal life in usa but not a Mexican they both comited a crime since they both came in illegaly but the chinese can become a resident in 3 months time wile the Mexican has to wait 10 years! Oh did I surprise you? I bet you didn’t know that? yes ignorant that is why Mexicans are here Illegaly because it takes 10 years and alot of dollars to become legal, now if they were treated like every other human from any other country I would bet they would all have papers as well since they don’t like to be cleaning toilets or washing clothes full of shit in nurssing homes of washing your dishes or triming your fucking plants but that’s all they can do because for the next ten years they have to wait to see if some fucker might still say no to his green card because he has not had enough emotional distress to be awarded a green card. all the toilets he cleanded all the racist remarks he heard all the bullshit he had to endure for the ten years that he was a criminal waiting for a chance to get a green card were not enough let him wait 10 more he’s only a Mexican. That is why all Mexicans don’t have papers and that is why they are asking for a reform not because they want to be rewarded but because all other countries have the oportunities that they don’t do your research before you say something stupid and don’t know what the fuck you talking about.
    a proud Illegal Immigrant now with a green card afther being on a waiting list for 15 years fuckers we will not leave because this is where we were the hole time oh wait you have not read your history books eather this was Mexico pendejos grab a book before you speak. Oh by the way I’m now a nurse taking care of your ill parents or grand parents because in case you have not noticed hospitals and nursing homes are full of former Illegal Immigrants.

    • stoptheinvasionoforegon says:

      It does not take ten years for mexicans to get papers, the problem is we have about 38 million of you , or one tenth of the population of mexico. No way is the United States going to let in 38 million illegal aliens.
      so you hate cleaning up after white people in nursing homes. Check out ana the mexican illegal who was just busted for ID theft and stealing the credit cards of the old woman she hated.

      • Amelia Gomez says:

        Stop the invasion? You people are COMPLETE IDIOTS!!! into account that your raicist pricks and egonistic dumbasses but the fact that your targeting mexicans says a lot about your childhood. Aww did your Funny-Uncle stop touching you in those special places? I bet he did and now you’ve all substituted those emotions for HATE! God your all so translucent its pathetic. I could see all you ranting on and on with your blah blah blah green card blah blah blah illegal. All of you thinking that your so god damn perfect. Everybody nomatter what color comits a crime. Go to any jail. The majority of inmates ar white, black and hispanics. Why is that you might say? BECAUSE THAT’S THE MAJORITY OF THE POPULATION YOU FUCKING MORONS!!!! Before you go on raving about Carlos did this and Jose did that. Look into you own lives. Your not any one to judge a person. Why not? Because white people everywhere have their own main felonies right? MOLESTATION, RAPE, MURDER AND FRAUD!!! Which means that the majority if these cock-suckers ehhem I mean cauccasions are lying, cheating, pussys! And the only invasion you need to worry about stopping are of the many young white girls that keep showing up at the welfare office w/their little brothers/sisters and cousins who also happen to be their own babies!!! CLEAN YOUR OWN TRASH BEFORE YOU STARTS TALKING TRASH ABOUT EVERYONE ELSE!!!

      • stoptheinvasionoforegon says:

        check out all the mexican murder and rape in mexico – and by the way learn to spell racist and Caucasian

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