6th suspect arrested Mexican Male Elvis Torrentes charged in Richmond gang rapeGang Rape Victim of 15 is White , Mexican Latino Gang-rape in Richmond Ca Media Hides victim's race : Update Samantha Haupt Kidnapped by two Mexicans in Oregon

6th suspect charged in Richmond gang rape

another mexican who raped her with foreign objects

Updated: 11/06/2009 02:42:15 PM PST

RICHMOND, Calif.—A sixth suspect has been charged in the gang rape of 16-year-old girl outside Richmond High School’s homecoming dance. That makes 4 wetbacks as we like to say at AP.

Richmond Police Lt. Mark Gagan says 21-year-old Elvis Torrentes was charged Thursday with rape by a foreign object of a person unable to resist due to intoxication, rape by a foreign object while acting in concert and rape while acting in concert.

Police say Torrentes was one of as many as 10 people who participated in the Oct. 24 attack on the girl in a dimly lit courtyard on campus. The victim was found naked and semi-conscious after the nearly two-hour assault.

Investigators believe as many as 20 people may have watched the rape without calling police.

Contra Costa County prosecutors have filed rape charges against five others, ranging in age from 15 to 21.

Update: U_Tube  removed the video of the two white girlfriends of the rape victim, who spoke  of how unsafe whites were at Richmond High, for violating terms of service, Translated into Pro La Raza talk; Americans  figured out she was white from the video.

We can’t have Americans realize they are being targeted by the Pathway to Citizenship Undocumented Democrats, now can we?

 what’s one white girl when you have 38 million illegal aliens from Latin countries to deal with?

Samantha Haupt returned home last night at about 11:00 PM uninjured. The two suspects are still being sought for their involvement in the assault of Samantha’s friend. The matter remains under investigation.

 (following is the comment from someone stating they are the older sister of the girl assaulted by the two nasty illegal mexicans.)

 I am the older sister of the second victim in the assault and kidnapping story involving Samantha. Henrike Luna-Castillo, beat my sister almost half to dealth. She however was lucky enough to get away. She since has had to eat from a staw!  These men need to be caught! In 2002 Henrike Luna-Castillo, was charged with a similar case where he almost killed another woman. Please if anyone see’s these brother’s call police

On Halloween , In Oregon, Samantha Haupt ,thumb_samantha_haupta 20 yr old blond white girl was kidnapped & assaulted by two, fat ugly ,swarthy mexicans. It is highly  likely that she is a rape victim  and may end up murdered, with the Mexicans back in Mexico or Ca. Watch the media bury the  story


From another site I have learned she is not only white, but she fought off sex by kicking one of the perps( noted 100 percent likely that it was a mexican Latino since this is a mexican Latino gang rape with some blacks and at least one white male involved) , they then began hitting her and raping her until her face was black and blue. She spent five days recovering in the hospital.
Her family , maybe out of fear of being murdered , are asking that the hating or violence be stopped.  I suspect what they are saying is White Legal Americans don’t make a big deal out of this because we and the other whites in Richmond might be killed. Of course, no one ever tells Hispanicsillegal ,legal, or anchor babies, to not hate, nor blacks either. Whites are the only haters remember , thats what the Media tells us every day.I hope someone in Idaho donates the family a house and a moving van, cause they need to get the hell out. Let the Mexicans consume Richmond until all that is left is mexican maggot dust.





The 15 year old girl in the  purple dress, the gang rape victim,  is most certainly white , she is not a slut, and is  an honors student .  Her two friends who were interviewed were blond, white girls.

This  important information is being suppressed by the media, along with careful avoidance of posting all the pictures of the perps .

 People are lamenting on boards across the nation  about how could our country have become so violent??? Simple, we let in some of the most backward, nasty third worlders called latinos, or hispanics or Arabs, or chinese, but all of them think any woman alone is fair game to be raped. 

Why do we stand by and allow these “Hispanic/Mexican” hoodlums to destroy and bring sorrow to others?
I bet some of them just got here!
Richmond has always been crime infested, but now there is an extra spin on it with the Mexicans coming into the neighborhoods.

The Mexicans and Central Americans pouring over the border are far worse, far more violent than any thing ever before seen in the USA. What’s more, they aren’t trying to leave the hellhole they created, they’re trying to bring it here.

 The United States , thanks to Kennedy, has had the highest immigration level in our country’s history( see numbersusa and immigration gumballs) and most of those who have immigrated legally or not, are from far more primitive cultures.

This was a hate crime against a woman, and against a white woman, but watch the  media suppress any outrage.They think sending gift cards to the family will somehow atone for the complete violation of their daughter. Why, so she can buy another purple dress?

To those males who say “””I have sympathy for the victim but she did ask for it by drinking with males” may you be raped in the ass with  a broken bottle for two and half hours the next time you have a cocktail or a beer, then get back to me .

 Below is Dana Countryman, murdered while fighting off a rape  in Oregon two years ago, by two illegal mexican gardeners. They stomped on her neck to kill her and the media dismissed her death because she was a poor, white girl from Texas and she asked for it by going to a party.There was one white male who joined themin the murder of Dana Countryman.  The gang-rape victim was lured to the rape scene by a white male she knew and trusted.

By the way, the rape of women at  social gatherings is nothing new , plied with alcohol or drug .Dating and Parties are dangerous for young women. Men know this and use it  as an excuse to rape women, knowing they can say “well she shouldn’t have been outside , or drinking or gone there. ” In other words, women better stay home locked in some closet, because otherwise whatever happens to them is their fault. Do men hold themselves to the same standard? No. Rape is being used as a weapon against women in all countries including the United States. The threat of rape is always present in the minds of women, yet women are told to be sexy and open and friendly and to date as much as possible. You can’t expect a 15-year-old to have the wisdom to know these things, which is why girls her age are prime targets for rape.

Now watch the police and the DA sell out the victim, under pressure from the Hispanic and Black community in Richmond. All males present at the gang-rape should be charged and incarcerated for Rape, not just five. It won’t happen.





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0 Responses to 6th suspect arrested Mexican Male Elvis Torrentes charged in Richmond gang rapeGang Rape Victim of 15 is White , Mexican Latino Gang-rape in Richmond Ca Media Hides victim's race : Update Samantha Haupt Kidnapped by two Mexicans in Oregon

  1. Old Atlantic says:

    I had not heard about the case of Dani Countryman until reading your blog and Googling it just now. Thanks for keeping this case alive and reminding us of it. The media lockdown on truth is part of what can be called generalized genocide of the white race.

  2. Pingback: Salon denounces whites as racists over Richmond Rape blogs « Old Atlantic Lighthouse

  3. Bill says:

    People Responsible:

    Notice that the above 6 people are all WHITE GUYS and 3 are REPUBLICANS and 3 are DEMOCRATS.

    REAGAN and SIMPSON pushed through the 1987 Mexican Amnesty because they wanted to bust up Unions. So, they allowed our country to be flooded with 3 million Mexicans and millions more who followed them.

    Bill Clinton and George W. Bush NEVER enforced our borders (Bush did in the last year of his presidence for political reasons.)

    Lyndon B. Johnson signed the 1965 Hart-Celler Immigration Act which was pushed through the Senate by a young Ted Kennedy. Since 1965 the U.S. has been flooded by millions of 3rd worlders every year. But, if you want to immigrate here from Western Europe, Australia, New Zealand, or if you are a white person who wants to escape the chaos and meltdown of South Africa (You won’t see that on the MSM) it’s nearly impossible to become a U.S. citizen.

  4. Erich Hartmann says:

    I just found out the girl was white from her Friend via Myspace. I’ll upload the screen shot when I get back home to prove I’m not lieing.

  5. Neil Garvin says:

    Those (I won’t call them men) that commited this vile act have proven they have no respect for others so they deserve no respect. There is no penalty too harsh.

    Blaming this on race is too easy and blaming those that supposedly allowed mass immigration is ridiculous. Only a small percentage of any race commits these crimes.

    The Law should provide for a punishment that fits the crime and for all races.

    The death penalty would not be out of the question since they surely killed a big part of this girl. She will never be the same.

    At the very least the perpetrators should never be freed, they should be locked up for life with their own kind and hopefully all of them will suffer the same fate as that little girl several times during their life sentence.

  6. Anonymous says:

    artcrusing@ca.rr.com Miguel Sanchez

    A Long, Long time ago The Greedy White Man figured since Slavery was Abolished he could go South and Exploit the poor Mexican peasant and pay us Slave Wages to do his dirty work.
    Let’s create a system that would put more Money in our pockets says the White Man. How about green cards so it makes us look good and friendly. Little did he know that somewhere down the line there would be a price to pay for his greediness?
    The price has been many lost Jobs to the descendants and friends of the low paid Slaves. Also the wages have been greatly affected. Some Good Jobs that used to get $25 an hour go for $12 an hour with the same quality. Don’t forget The overburden on the White Man’s health system. We will continue to take your jobs and make more of your Daughter’s pregnant and your grand Babies brown so you might as well get used to it and quit crying the blues
    You all brought this upon yourselves by your greed and Heartlessness. I guess you will never learn. The more it continues the more some of us get to make more Money that know how to capitalize on it

    Ha Ha HA

    • stoptheinvasionoforegon says:

      another example of mexicans being Victims and justifiying there crimes and stealing and all their problems on another country and race,(although mexican arent a Race they pretend to be to play the Race card)the police said about this rape that the perps showed no remorse- of course not they are mexicans

  7. Rossell Powell says:

    It don’t matter what race she is white,black.latino, if I was in Cali I’d get those cowards myself.How could you let a little girl get raped and do nothing this is horroble death penalty for all involved.

  8. stoptheinvasionoforegon says:

    actually immigration and open borders is the reason this young woman was raped and so many others too.
    AntBee wrote:
    Why do we stand by and allow these “Hispanic/Mexican” hoodlums to destroy and bring sorrow to others?
    I bet some of them just got here!
    Richmond has always been crime infested, but now there is an extra spin on it with the Mexicans coming into the neighborhoods.
    The Mexicans and Central Americans pouring over the border are far worse, far more violent than any thing ever before seen in the USA. What’s more, they aren’t trying to leave the hellhole they created, they’re trying to bring it here.

  9. louisr says:

    You worthless piec of shit, either your mother is a Mexican or she fucked one, or you were raped by a bunch of Mexicans in prison.
    Frankly you got too much hate (or fear), so you must have other “issues.”

    Yeah, these guys are pretty stupid, but… when was the last time you looked at the Dreamin Demon or People You Want To See In Hell?

    Too many “red-blooded” WHITE people to suggest a monopoly on nutty behavior.

    Besides you really don’t know the story, nor do I. You know, by looking around, you can SURELY see there are quite a lot of WHITE teenaged hoes out there, so…
    you MIGHT want to check your states before you start claiming KKK superiority on us.

    • stoptheinvasionoforegon says:

      dude quit talking about yourself in the third person.
      a gang of mexicans and blacks raped a white girl not just with their penises but with foriegn objects. and you have a problem with my being angry about it or about the media cover-up of race. It was all about race – it was a hate crime against a woman and a woman who is white.

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