Muslim Terrorist Attack at Texas Army Base :Nadal Hassan Muslim Terrorist of Arabic Hertiage-

Atlas Shrugs has a brilliant up to date run-down on the Muslim Attack and Hussien Obama’s Lame response to the attack ( shades of Bush)- FBI asshattery as she puts it or Obama Asshattery.Truly , Obama’s response is dull and lame  to the Muslim Attack ,which will be blandized to an attack by a man who was upset but it’s NOT political or anything like that.

A defense official, also speaking on condition of anonymity, said Hasan was a mental health professional — an Army psychologist or psychiatrist. Officials say it was not clear what Hasan’s religion was, but investigators are trying to determine if Hasan was his birth name or if he may have changed his name and converted to Islam at some point.

It’s always non white immigrants who flip out and hack on people shoot them, behead them but the media always ignores  this. The Military is full of illegal aliens and immigrants who were given green cards for joining the Army.

The shootings on the Texas military base stirred memories of other recent mass shootings in the United States, including 13 dead at a New York immigrant center in March, 10 killed during a gunman’s rampage across Alabama in March and 32 killed in the deadliest mass shooting in modern U.S. history at Virginia Tech in 2007.

 as soon as I read this I knew it would turn out to some kind of Immigrant thing, an Non_White Kind of thing and now I find it’s a Muslim kind of thing.

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