Mukesh Suthar Indian National in Beaverton Oregon murders Varsha H1-b Worker from India and Child with gun * deport Kavitah Rachakatla*-three found dead in Bethany Murder-Suicide-


Mukesh Suthar didnt murder because he had depression issues, that’s for Americans. He murdered because he was an illegal alien, his H1-b visa expired, Intel wasn’t throwing the White Collar Bucks at him anymore,. His wife was working illegally as a hairdresser. Turns out he is an example of Chain Immigration,his father lives in San Jose and he rented from another relative of his.Chain immigration is a trojan horse in immigration terms ( see numbersusa) and ultimately these murders are of no consequence compared to the famine and water shortages the United States will experience if unlimited immigration and breeding by immigrants continues. We can’t support the entire world. In India, the Suthar family deaths wouldn’t raise an eyebrow.

He didn’t want to leave his high caste position or go back to India so he killed the family.I applaud him for doing so, we need more illegal aliens to try this form of self deportation.01150201020901030620080522ef9d67abf515db067e00fad7

The India Society of Oregon  has over 10,000 Indians from India as  members 

( this  means chain immigration, where one comes and brings the entire clan or village, anchor babies and theft of white collar jobs) wishes to have a memorial for the dead Hindus. I suggest they pay for deporting the 10,000 Indian Nationals in Oregon.Following is a link to a site for Indians in the United States: they have invaded us in huge numbers due to our promiscuous immigration laws, and they continue to name their children non-american names.

Washington County is full of Hindu nationals from India that were/ are  working for Intel. GO BACK TO INDIA !The American people did not invite you here, instead Corporations hired Indian Nationals and ignored American citizens  . I am fed up with idiots from other countries who refuse to return.

 Houses in the area are in Foreclosure and Food Banks overtaxed  because too many greedy ,foreign people came and had children here.

Hindu Nationals are not Americans, they are parasites upon the American People.   The United States does not owe anyone from India or Mexico a job, housing or happiness. This murder by a Hindu National is  yet another reason to stop allowing any more Indian Nationals to emigrate to the US, because they never leave.

Also Mukesh Suthar killed because he had to vacate a house that was better then most houses most Americans live in? What an upper-caste ass.It turns out he rented from a relative from India who was tired of giving him free rent.

India is one of the countries who refuses to accept the forced return of it’s citizens. This means they cannot be deported and they stay and have ugly kids. This is hugely important, more important then the murders, because any Indian who arrives stays and cannot be sent home. A;; those H1-b visas are not temporary but permanent work permits. American kids go to college and find they arent hired by Intel because they want the Hindus from India, or the Chinese .

 Read below, Indian Nationals have stolen 10,000 jobs from American Citizens, because Intel and HP etc prefer  foreigners to Americans. I hope they all kill themselves.

India Cultural Association, (ICA) is a non-profit organization based in Portland, Oregon, dedicated to cultural activities concerning India . Portland and neighboring suburbs currently boasts a thriving community of nearly 10,000 Indians, primarily in high-tech, engineering, medical, teaching, research and healthcare professions. ICA was established in 1980 and is the only organization in the area that represents all Indians. For the majority of Indians living in this area, ICA is the only link connecting them back to their roots.

Mukesh Suthar Indian National in Beaverton Oregon murders Varsha Indian Immigrant Wife and Child with gun H1-b workers need to self deport Kavitah Rachakatla-

BETHANY, Ore. – Police said the three bodies found in a home of a Southeast Bethany neighborhood Wednesday was the result of a murder-suicide.An out-of-country Indian relative of the family called the Washington County Sheriff’s office around 11:30 a.m. and asked it to check on the family after that relative became concerned about the family.Washington County detectives said they believe that 44-year-old Mukesh Suther shot his 39-year-old wife, Varsha, and 9-year-old son, then shot himself with a handgun.  All three were pronounced deceased at the scene.

Police said they had trouble contacting the next of kin because the mother of one of the people found in the home lives in India.

Police also have not said how the murder-suicide occurred.Authorities blocked off about a block of the neighborhood while they investigated the incident.People in the community said the family was well-known and that Varsha Suther ran a salon out ( bet she didnt pay taxes or have a business license) of the house.Friends of the family are shocked and they said the tragedy may be related to money problems. They said the father, Mukesh Suther, had been out of work for more than a year.Many like Deport Mahendra Shah and his wife Deport Nita brought small candles to light in front of the family’s home Wednesday night.“They were under pressure of them being told to leave the high-rental house and trying to find another place to rent,” said Mahendra.Kavitah Rachakatla said she had her hair done at the Varsha’s salon.“I knew her husband was not having [a] job, or something like that, or on contracts off and on,” Rachakatla said. “I don’t know at this point whether he’s employed or not employed.”

Varsha Suthar ran a beauty salon from her Bethany home, where clients say her husband greeted them with a smile and she was always upbeat and positive.

Sgt. Bob Ray, a department spokesman, said the family was found in one of the house’s three bedrooms. The rental home in the 16900 block of Northwest Oak Creek Drive is owned by Mukesh Suthar’s brother, Saleish Suthar.

another Hindu H1-b job thief from India called  Jyothy Vemuri, 30, of Aloha said she and at least a dozen of her female co-workers at Intel in Hillsboro were Suthar’s clients.

She visited the family’s home salon less than a month ago and first started going to Suthar when she moved to Portland more than five years ago.

Vemuri said the death is hitting close to home with her colleagues, who once had Suthar bring her services into their workplace and considered her a necessity in their lives.

Vemuri said the Suthars were a “really close-knit family” and would get together with Mukesh Suthar’s family to celebrate Indian festivals and holidays.(chain immigration)

“I would have never suspected any violence in the family,” Strobeck said. “I just can’t believe any of this.”

Deport Sunita Mody, 54, said Varsha Suthar operated the salon in a second-floor bedroom in the family’s home. Mody said she went there for facials and to have her eyebrows done, last visiting the home about 2 1/2 weeks ago.

Mody and her husband, Jaisen Mody, 59, said they occasionally saw the Suthars at the Portland Temple in Tigard. Jaisen Mody is the president of the India Cultural Association in Portland and said his group is interested in joining with other organizations and temples to establish some kind of memorial fund.

“We have a lot of associations and we’re all going to come together,” Jaisen Mody said. “It affects our community quite a bit.”


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0 Responses to Mukesh Suthar Indian National in Beaverton Oregon murders Varsha H1-b Worker from India and Child with gun * deport Kavitah Rachakatla*-three found dead in Bethany Murder-Suicide-

  1. Ando says:

    This is maybe the stupid bog i have ever written. Let me ask you….are you Caucasian? If you are (which you most probably are)…you probably think your “southern by the grace of God right? No your an immigrant yourself you blithering idiot, you didn’t magically just end up in America, you descendents came here via boat the same way immigrant have always come to America and make America the melting pot that it is. To take the horrible tragedy in Bethany and act like it is a reason to deport all Indians and actually have the audacity to publicly say that, just shows how incredibly stupid and insensitive you are. Then again, what can be expected from someone who has time to blog about something that they don’t have the brain capacity to understand or grasp even the fundamentals of.

    Get a job/do something worthwhile with your life you idiot.


    • stoptheinvasionoforegon says:

      and your post , which I posted As Is, is one of most stupid posts I have read…..well, not really because most of the illegal aliens and other parasistic immigrants write the same thing over and over again…… I have yet to see anything intelligent.

  2. hy says:

    Are you American Indian? If not, you are a descendant of immigrant too! Should you call yourself idiot according to your theory? I don’t like the fact that Indians took our jobs, but the problem itself is big companies off-shore jobs and bring Indians on-shore, and president did not keep his compaign promise to stop off-shore!!! Yelling to Indian is no use.

    • stoptheinvasionoforegon says:

      Oh dont take it personally, Its just that Congress gave away my country , my ancestors created, so that grasping ,greedy ,selfserving Hindus and Mexicans etc could come here, breed, murder and steal our jobs and then say Are you Indian Because unless you be Indian you are nothing but an immigrant and we are going to steal everything we can
      Great attitude.
      We have got to stop all immigration for ten years and never give another Indian or Mexican a job in the US

  3. deevee says:

    You dumbass!!!!!
    Have you ever thought that Indians get hired because they are actually smarter and more skilled than people like you!!!!!

    • stoptheinvasionoforegon says:

      no one buys that crap about Indians being smarter, they are just job parasites – thats all and they all need to self deport themselves.

      • John says:

        Yeah education is a concept a little too complex for your white trash mind to comprehend. Go back to the trailer park and fuck your cousin while you’re at it


      • stoptheinvasionoforegon says:

        love the racism but while you’re at it , you should know that not only are hindus from India stealing white collar jobs from Americans through the H!B visa program, but they are also getting most of our jobs through outsourcing to India..Legal work accounting – all middle class jobs are being sent to India to save companies money. We all get to live in the trailor park. No one checks to see if they are illegal aliens either, once they are in the system and pop out a few swarthy kids they will never be deported. Oh yes and I forgot , India doesnt accept deported Indians back so once they come here we are stuck with them for good

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