LIberal Activists Coach Illegal Mexicans to Practice Welfare Fraud

Illegals in Oregon..


I have read and heard many times that Oregon is now getting over-run with the Mexican illegals and that violent crime is quickly on the rise. Is this so?

03-11-2008, 04:42 PM


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Oregon is a large agricultural state. Any state like this brings in south of the border illegals to work the orchards & fields. I took a break from claims adjusting for 3 years to do social work and did my job among them.  There were also several activists who taught them welfare fraud & unemployment fraud and it is a thriving “business” among them. Easily in the tens of millions per year in Oregon alone. Ask and I’ll tell you some of the ways it’s done.

More recently Russians have come with promises of jobs only to find it means working under the table jobs for $2-3 per hour in construction (a field they know nothing about) for most builders & subs in the area. They work very long hours for very little pay. If they squawk, it isn’t very pleasant. Putin funnels most of the jobs & money to the communists and this is all they can find. It’s the #1 reason new home construction is so bad and well over 90% of new homes in the area have serious problems.





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Alaskapat…What you have heard about the illegal invasion of Oregon is true, regardless of the self-serving statements before this. Illegal gangs have grown to such an extent that Marion County Law Enforcement, school authorities, etc. met a a local high school recently to try to cope with the increasing gangs,drugs, crimes that have been brought into this once quiet community by illegal, south of the border aliens.



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Thats so sad. I thought Oregon was different from the rest of the country. I’d hate to see such a beautiful state get torn apart by illegals. I hope something gets done to stop the problem, and fast.



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No, every state is pretty much having a massive problem with illegal immigration. Not every area of Oregon has been hit big time. You don’t see a lot in places like Central Oregon or Roseburg or on the Coast. They tend to congregate in the agricultural areas although they’re starting to infest the urban areas in some places. I live in Salem and the eastern edge of the city is going to pot.

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Illegals do bring their own cultural issues, For example, in Mexico there are no strict laws about drunk driving. It’s fairly common. Here, it’s a crime and people look at drunken people killing or hurting others differently. Also, in Mexico (and may other central american countries), you make money however you can- illegal or otherwise. It’s understood one does what they have to to take care of themselves. Here, such lifestyle is not so acceptable. They also, culturally speaking, do not value the rights of women near so much as we do and beating ones wife may be harsh, but there are no real spousal abuse laws as we have. Prostitution and rape and having sex with a 12 year old girl are all okay in Mexico, as is breaking the  law if you don’t get what you want.


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  1. wes_tex says:

    Here in Texas out in the rural area where I live there are a lot of mexicans who bought property. They will fill a 5 acre place up with several hundred calf hutches. Then work illegal to bottle feed them. The law reads less than 300 head can be kept in confinement without a special permit. They all feed more than that and none have permits. The TCEQ, Texas equivalent to the EPA assesses a fine on them and it goes on and they keep 800 or 1000 head year in year out. and work crews of illegals. Many have no proper sewer for the homes . But they continue to get by with it year in year out.

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