NUEVO AMANECER APARTMENTS Woodburn Oregon- Where Mexican Gardeners & Anchor Babies get Deluxe Housing- Just for Mexicans!

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Project Summary: Nuevo Amanecer OWNER/DEVELOPER
Farmworker Housing Development Corp.ARCHITECT
Robertson, Merryman, BarnesLANDSCAPE ARCHITECT
Carol Mayer-Reed

Walsh ConstructionMANAGEMENT
Princeton Property Management

US Bancorp, Portland, OR , State tax credits Equity
NOAH Perm. loan
Oregon Housing & Community Development Loan/grant
Enterprise Community Investment, Inc./FNMA
Federal Low Income Housing Tax Credits
Oregon Dept. of Economic Development Grant
Federal Home Loan Bank of Seattle Grant
West One Bank Constr. loan
Housing Assistance Council Loan
CASA of Oregon Loan
State Farmworker Housing Tax Credit Equity

New construction rental attached townhouses.RESIDENT PROFILE:
Very-low-income families, incomes at 40% of AMI.DENSITY: 10 units per acre


Type #/Units Size (sf) Rents
2 BR 15 770 $310
3 BR 25 1,050 $350
4 BR 10 1,200 $380
Total 50    
Community/laundry: 1,275
Parking: 220, surface
Courtyard/play area: 8,500 (plaza); 20,800 (park)
Total site area: 5.81 acres (phase I)

Two-story woodframe, painted wood comp. & stucco siding, comp. shingle roofs.DEVELOPMENT COSTS:
Land costs: $200,000; Constr. costs: $2,249,412; Other costs: $1,324, 025; Total development costs: $3,773,437 ($73.84/sf); Completed March 15, 1994.     

NUEVO AMANECER APARTMENTS, Woodburn, Oregon072aNuevo Amanecer, “New Dawn”, is a 90-unit, multi-phase housing development intended for non-migrant farm workers engaged in nursery work, field work, and Christmas tree harvesting in the heart of the Willamette Valley, Oregon’s primary agricultural region. Housing for these essential workers is in very short supply. The Nuevo Amanecer housing was developed by the Farmworker Housing Development Corporation, a private non-profit corporation formed by concerned citizens. FHDC and the architects organized design workshops with farmworkers, service providers, and local business people to help shape the physical and cultural aspects of the development. The first phase was completed in March 1994 and included 50 apartments, a laundry, and a meeting room.073aThe design of Nuevo Amanecer is based on the creation of neighborhoods within the development that consist of 20-30 units around each plaza or park area. The generous site made it possible to create distinct exterior spaces for the community to use and to give each of the neighborhoods a special character. Plans for phase two call for each open space to be developed for use by a different age group, an approach inspired by the small local parks in older parts of Woodburn. Sensitivity to balancing cultural issues of the predominantly Hispanic residents with those of the larger community prompted the design of a network of paths connecting neighborhoods, public plazas, and playgrounds for an evening promenade or paseo; the floorplans feature large kitchens.073bTo incorporate elements of both the Anglo and the Hispanic traditions, the architects designed a building type that is a hybrid between the courtyard and row house. To provide maximum natural light as well as increase both acoustic separation and spatial variety, the one- and two-story units are connected only along their short sides. Nancy Merryman, partner in the architectural firm of Robertson, Merryman, Barnes, said, “Our favorite idea was the use of scissor trusses. They are fast and easy to erect, cost no more than conventional flat-bottom trusses and provide an amazing volumetric benefit inside the units. Small bedrooms feel special and living areas feel much more spacious and light. The only added cost is some extra sheetrock and finishing. Our best cost-saving strategy was having a contractor work with us through the entire design and construction document phase. Walsh Construction, who is experienced in building affordable housing, who believed in the same goals, and who was excited about doing some interesting housing was absolutely instrumental for success.”

073cIn the second phase, FHDC is planning to build 40 more living units, a daycare facility, and a larger community building useable for English classes, medical, and legal clinics. The architect reported, “We were complimented by the Planning Commission on the design. All the members of the public who came to speak against the development changed into supporters after seeing the presentations and drawings. During construction, people living in adjacent market rate apartments called to ask if they could rent apartments.” Nuevo Amanecer shows that housing for working families who are essential to the local economy can be an asset to the whole community.

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  1. Freedom of speech says:

    Calixtre@live.\You should be ashamed of yourself racist bastards who can’t manage to get your ass up to pick your own food and still complain for being lucky enough to have other people willing to work for the benefit of the whole country for mediocre wages. At least let them have the opportunity to afford a respectable place to live in!

    • stoptheinvasionoforegon says:

      most of the illegal aliens who are in the United States,are not picking fruit for Americans. They are taking our jobs and housing and using fake stolen id knowingly to do so.
      Lie cheat and steal thats mexican illegals
      I would like all foriegn job programs eliminated entirely and allow Americans a chance for those jobs, which they could easily do, as I remember before the Mexicans took over, students picked fruit and vegetables as a summer job.They also mowed lawns and construction jobs those were taken by mexicans too,.
      by the way, many Americans dont have a problem with growing or picking their own fruit.

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