ugly greedy Russian Slavic Immigrants in the US

Below is a comment from someone called Luda. This confirms my belief that the Soviet Republic immigration, granted by the State Department, and NOT at the invitation of the American People , was a huge mistake.

Never have I seen such a rude, hateful, self-serving group of “immigrants” . Do Self Deport back to the old country. Americans don’t want your backward religion or criminal ways. Yes, we know all about the Russian community and the reason they drive nice cars is because of chop shops where totaled cars are bought, vin numbers are changed, and the car is re-sold within the community. Russians= Russian Mafia. We don’t want the old believers coming here , breeding like mexicans, taking over our schools, till we can’t even read Narnia because the Russians don’t like witchcraft and then, you ugly immigrants have the nerve to tell legal Americans to leave,

Luda speaks:

Its interesting to me how many people in the Slavic community are targeted for “abusing” their children. Their is a couple in my church who was one of these targets. And do you know what happened to them? The judge apologized to them for the the grief the system had caused their small family. You see, she went to see their 14 month baby’s family doctor. The child was very ill and the doctor prescribed him medication. On the warning label, it clearly stated possible side affects. When she brought the child back in when she noticed bruises covering his body, the doctor automatically called CPS and her baby was taken away from her. Now for all you smart Americas who are thinking that that was her excuse, i ask why she would bring the child in to be seen if she was at fault, knowing what could happen? she went through months and months of court dates, trials, and lawyers. For what? An apology. Now i see story’s on the news of mothers drowning their children in bath tubs and cutting their boyfriends into pieces and flushing them down the toilet (that’s a true story by the way) Now about what % do you think, of all those ppl, are Slavic?  oh and by the way, Everyone immigrated to America at one time or another, other that Native Americans. Wether it was your parents, your grandparents, or your great grandparents. You still immigrated. From Asia, Europe, Norway…. you get my point. So if your going to tell the Russian community to “go back were you came from”,  I think its only fair to say it to every so-called “american”. Go back to were YOU came from. 50 years ago people would have laughed at this. You take parents away from their children, and were do the children go? To a system that is so corrupt. To “foster homes” were they leave children in cribs crying with dirty diapers. Its called laziness. You ask why Russians and Ukrainians drive nice cars? Because they are not afraid to work for want they want.
Well, their are always exceptions to every rule. I feel sorry for those children whose parents were taken away from them. They will go for the rest of their live regretting their choices,  and little baby girl will not even know her mother after the seven years are up And for anyone who would reply something like “she does not deserve to see her”, you are an evil human being and need to crawl back in whatever hole you crawled out of.

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  1. Vladimir says:

    You are lower than the snake to insult Old Believers in any form. Maybe should spend some time in criticizing your wonderful USA government. They brought us here then pay for us to stay and offer us financial and other forms of assistence. Dont blame product, blame source.

    • stoptheinvasionoforegon says:

      nothing stopping you from leaving or as they say in the US , dont let the door hit you on the way out.
      we wish to thank the State Department for importing the Russian Mafia to the US.

  2. Vladimir says:

    I probably hate such people (Russian Mafia) as much or more than you. As a side note – most of the cretins associated with “mafia” type of activity in the US are NOT ethnic Russians, not Indo European Slavs, they are Jews. With research, this fact can be verified. I just don’t understand why you demonstrate hostility towards relatively small group of people (Old Believers) who ultimately affect little or nothing.

    • stoptheinvasionoforegon says:

      Like I said I dont hate Russians. Sometimes I am trying to make a point about what has happened to The US with open borders and Congress deciding that there should be no limits to immigration. Rarely does the state department send us white people though, we get Somalians who castrate their daughters or Haitians. Its all a nightmare.

  3. Vladimir says:

    Last sidenote, as I only now noticed that you link your blog to Stormfront: Given your already stated view of Russians, which is far from reality and only encompasses a small fraction of actual ethnic Russians living in the US but mostly is applicable to Jews and the hordes of Turko-Mongol swine from Russian speaking ex-Soviet Republics, you have little or no business posting on Stormfront. The founders of the Stormfront community are quite openly supportive of the decent portion of the Russian community in the United States, as I (and quite a few others whom I know personally) am in return to them (with financial and “other” contributions). Dr. Duke now carries a small selection of household art of Russian origin on his personal website. And more than one individual has been banned from the forum in the past two years for espousing hostile views towards Slavs living in the US, actually one was in the UK.
    Although, I never have known anyone who owns a “nice car” which they obtained through any “chop shop” (I personally drive a PT cruiser and a beaten-up 1978 model Ford pick-up truck by choice) and I’ve never known of any “mafia” activity personally, probably because I choose to associate with decent human beings rather than rats, I will say that you’re right about one thing – we can be rather hateful… much more so than any Westerners that I know of. I wonder if you’re the bold, loud mouthed, rabidly anti-Russian, gung-ho American superhero that you depict yourself as in cyberspace, in

    real life.

    • stoptheinvasionoforegon says:

      I think I have read your posts on Stormfront, although I am just a lurker there and not a poster.
      My objection is with mass unlimited immigration to the United States and the consequences to the people of the US.
      I dont hate Russians and if you noticed who I post about you would see who I can’t stand.
      However, I know a young American woman who dated russians and learned russian and she said to me
      ” He has a felony for stealing cars, all russians do thats just the way it is”
      when the Russians came to Vancouver wa, they brought made the car resell a black market so that the police had to stiffen up the requirements for reselling cars. THey mostly sell to other russians, but they really bend the rules on selling totaled cars.
      There are some things true about Russians, THey have a certain attitude, they like bread and vodka and they dont kowtow to rules.The Feds consider the Russian Mafia to include Jews Amermenians Russians Ukraianians and just about anyone from the former Soviet Republic.
      Believe me If I hated russians I could post dozens and dozens of threads about russians and drunk driving or crime.
      I consider the mexicans and other latins to be our worst enemy,because they live so close and and there are so many of them. ALso I find nothing redeeming about them in terms of appearance: short swarthy and ugly and often mulatto from the black slaves. Their culture is vile . I will say at least Russians have some charm and arent the passive aggressive lying sneaks that mexicans are. I would never say the Russians are even close to as bad as the mexicans and they are at least good looking and that goes a long way.

  4. Vladimir says:

    Okay, so you’re not at all what I had assumed. You actually speak the truth in your last post, unfortunately. So for anyone reading this blog, I’m not too prideful to speak some lengthy critical truths here in public… What you’ve said is too often true of even the White ethnic Russian immigrants that find their way into the US. While I’ve never known anything of actual “mafia” type activity or car theft rings (maybe it’s all the same thing), I do know that criminality is disproportionately common. Not from personal knowledge or experience but from observing news and sometimes looking through Russian diaspora communitiy websites. Because I speak Russian and have a Russian enabled keyboard I can tunnel through their secret cyber-world that is inaccessible to Americans and I will say that a disappointing number of “average” Russians, are as valuable to the US (or any other nation they choose to reside in) as a pile of manure. They’re the type of morally bankrupt people that would be involved in anything that made for them money. I’m experienced in sociology and they are easily the “type” of person prone to criminality and social recklessness. I wouldn’t trust many of them to watch my dog. Further, I would estimate that schemes such as the car theft ring you describe are probably more common than I can imagine. The truth is, because I only associate with specific Old Believers and White Nationalist-oriented Russians, I have limited knowledge of the full reality amongst “average” people in Russian communities. Ironically, due to my above mentioned knowledge, I actually try to avoid contact with average looking people that I identify as Russian in public while in the US and that’s a sad case. If I can’t determine anything about your character and I hear Russian spoken, I tend to stay away. To my benefit, the typical modern minded Russian is usually ‘put off’ by me and doesn’t seem to want anything to do with me after a minute or so of interaction haha.
    Anyway, this seems to be the case with most immigrants of ANY variety to the US these days, not even including the hordes of illegals. I’ve had discussions on this subject recently with others; it seems that 80% and possibly more (my estimate) of people who CHOOSE the US as their immigration destination, make this selection not by mistake but because it’s so easy to abuse the current system, become a defacto parasite accepting every form of government assistence available (much of which is not even available to natural born Americans), and then in worst case, proceed to lead a criminal lifestyle that nets more profits. In a style similar to the lovely American negro, these people can become wealthy off of crime+free government money. All of this is only one of many symptoms of the free-for-all policies implemented by a variety of government agencies.
    Well, disregard any initially hostile comments. I believe that I genuinelly understand your frustrations and worldview. I suppose if I didn’t I wouldn’t support certain American based institutions and individuals that I do.


    • stoptheinvasionoforegon says:

      Vladimir_ you said in your eloquent post, exactly what I have thought about what is happening to the US with this mass invasion of immigrants and illegals. One man said- that the common immigrant views the US as a candy store to rob but not as a place to be a citizen. the political cartoon on my about me page sums it up: a dark hairy beast of a male is telling a middleaged middle class American male ” I demand to work and live in your country you miserable racist bastard”

      I see that you and I are on the same page about this and frankly I blame Congress and the State Department for encouraging foriegn nationals to mis-behave .
      I apologize if I insulted the Old Believers or any of your Russian friends. To maintain the point I am trying to make, I have to be very non pC and also impolite .
      I rarely post about Russians though, as the Mexicans take up so much space in Oregon and also the crime page, that I cannot keep up with their criminal devious exploits.
      anyway thanks for coming back and I am glad you live in the US.

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