Aurelio Madrid Venegas Mexican Illegal? Robs Wells Fargo Bank In Salem

The irony is delicious, Wells Fargo openly hired illegal aliens, gave home loans to illegal aliens ( and I mean Mexicans) and did everything they could to make amnesty happen, and they were largely responsible for the Foreclosure Crisis. Then a Mexican, Illegal or Anchor Baby, robs them ,while in drag.

Salem Police Dept. – 12/16/09



A man  Mexican Crossdressor from the Yakima, Washington area was arrested Tuesday night after robbing a Wells Fargo Bank in Salem.

The incident began at 1:21 pm on December 15 when Salem Police were dispatched to a robbery that had just occurred at the Wells Fargo Bank at 3245 Market St NE in Salem. It was reported that a lone Hispanic  Wetback male adult approached a teller and demanded money, escaping on foot with an undisclosed amount of cash.


 The suspect was described as wearing what appeared to be facial makeup and lipstick.As Salem Police Officers and FBI agents responded to the scene, it was reported that a witness had seen the suspect getting into a red Geo Metro vehicle with Washington license plates. Salem Police officers were checking the area when they located what they believed to be the suspect vehicle parked near the Super 8 Motel located at 1288 Hawthorne Ave NE. Further investigation led them to a room at the Holiday Lodge Hotel at 1400 Hawthorne Ave NE where they contacted 21-year old Aurelio Madrid Venegas and another subject.Subsequent investigation led to the arrest of Venegas on a charge of Robbery In The Second Degree. The second subject was not arrested for this incident.

A photo of Venegas is attached.

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  1. Glenn1980 says:


    This is all out political war? Even thinking of giving illegal immigrants a path to citizenship for just $500.00? If this wasn’t so illogical, it would be worth a restrained laugh? My job now is to inform every small hamlet, town or any community around these United States. THIS SO-CALLED COMPREHENSIVE IMMIGRATION REFORM IS GOING TO FINANCIALLY EFFECT US ALL? Forget about the totalization treaty with Mexico to give illegal immigrants access to our Social Security funds, which the previous president never ratified. Now this H.R. 4321, the Comprehensive Immigration Reform for America’s Security and Prosperity Act of 2009 (CIR) (ASPA) To me this is surely is nothing more than premeditated treason on part of the Democrats and possibly some Republicans.

    Just emboss these names in your memory, including Reid, Pelosi, Napolitano, McCain, Gutierrez and many more. We must impose on every Politician who cares about America and the American worker, on every one who has has–NOT–been bribed, by special interest promises, by subversive groups as with ACORN, ethnic organizations as with La Raza who is forcing multiculturalism down the taxpayers throats, as with ACLU (founded by a communist) as with US Chamber of Commerce (who have been brought and paid for by big business, as George Soros, a fanatical liberal, billionaire who donates money to anti-sovereignty extremists. The Ford Foundation and a whole elongated list of non-profits, including to pro-illegal immigrant lawmakers, who seem to want a divided country?

    Once here illegal or not–we are forcibly committed to subsidize emergency room treatment, welfare, Education, Housing: The media has intentionally not cover the facts that thousands of illegal immigrants owned homes that went into the foreclosure phrase, and they were allowed to simply walk away, while Americans in this same situation had to undergo financial ruin, bankruptcy. Non profits and other organizations like NACA helped these people get in the door with a mortgage, and tax payers are footing the bill. Infrastructure: With any degree of logic, any individual will understand, if you design a freeway, bridge, building, house, etc. designed to support a certain amount of people, will accelerates structure corrosion, if you add more mass transport. Traffic: What used to take Americans a few minutes to get to and from work, has been doubled if not tripled which takes quality time from families, drives up cost of oil, and gasoline, because of the buy and demand nature of business, adds more pollution to the environment, and reduces spending in local shops because of the time lost.

    Crime: The cost of housing convicted non citizens would have paid for the border fence twice, added more border personnel on the northern and southern borders to boot. which would be an added protection considering America is a marked nation. ID theft, is the number one violation, because it defrauds the federal government when non existent socials are in play, and drastically affects the quality of life for Americans that are victimized. Even so there is no legislation to protect American citizens from the financial predicament of the governments failure to protect them from collection agencies, dept collectors, credit card companies and bankruptcy. Assimilation: Many illegal immigrants have no desire to assimilate with American culture, I mean look at Mr. Gutierrez, who fights harder for the rights non-citizens then he does for his native constituently. English: Our elected officials have turned a deaf ear to Americans that are blatantly being discriminated against when companies policy hiring bilingual only employees. Wages. How many reports do you need, before you realize many unscrupulous employers are using the illegal alien situation to drive down your wages and benefits?

    Virginia Abernethy, Ph.D., former chief statistician for the Bureau of the Census said in September 2006 at a speech in Washington DC, that there has been a intentional undercount going on, so that the claimed figure over the 305-million population did not happen in 2005 but instead as early as– 2001. THE US CENSUS BUREAU HAVE ALREADY STATED WE ARE HEADING TOWARDS OVERPOPULATION BY 2050.

    Our politicians must live in a bubble, thinking illegal immigrants do not know the massive financial impact on American citizens. You have watched these economies crumble, so for the full implications of another AMNESTY talk to border residents in Arizona and California. California–a SANCTUARY CITY–a refuge has nearly collapsed into a financial mess. Where murders of American citizens by foreign nationals, have been covered-up by both police and prosecutors. Same with the unprecedented scale of foreign drunken drivers who have massacred whole families on the highways of America.
    So get on the phone and demand as a voter for your lawmaker to vote for THE SAVE ACT (H.R. 3308) and be relentless. The number to call is 202-224-3121. Also bombard the House-Senate policy makers with 28 cent postcards, to stop the open border organizations from engineering another Path to citizenship or AMNESTY. Tell them to amend the 1986 Immigration Reform Act, not another facade that was a bloated with fraud. Understand that THE SAVE ACT will protect American jobs and remove illegal immigrants from working locations over time. Those who believe in America’s survival, without OVERPOPULATION as stated by the US Census bureau better read the facts, not the lies at NUMBERSUSA. Those who want details of corruption in WASHINGTON and state government go to JUDICIAL WATCH. For Overpopulation statistics, should go to CAPSWEB. Other sites of interest on Immigration enforcement is ALIPAC and AMERICAN PATROL

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