The Dark Side of Idiot NPR Liberals: Diversity Rocks

Since I come from a Self-Hating White Family that embraces Liberalism the way devout Catholics embrace Jesus, or Devout Muslims , Muhammad, I can write about the Dark Side with authority, having been a Liberal until 2001.

 The truth is NPR Liberals fear and despise the exotic, dark, foreign, non-white, non-educated people they publicly defend and weep over.

Shouting the word Racist or 

 or Nativist, is simply a way to draw attention away from their own racism and contempt for the third world. NPR Liberals  fear reprisal from the third worlders and believe that by defending the blacks or the mexican illegals or the Muslims  , when the race wars begin, they will be spared. 

 Stating how much they hate racists is like a king’s x, a magic circle that levitates NPR Liberals and protects them from the violence and envy of the primitive, dark peoples.

My sister moved to Canada in the North, where  the First Nations ( as she calls them) still live ; drunk, violent, murderous  rapists with machetes and knives.

My Sister feels really bad for them because the First Nations have such

 hard lives , she wants to give them all teddy bears and is always speaking about the  “Racism”. To NPR Liberals, It is all the fault of the white people, most likely the English , for their present condition.

, I thought about itand realized that  for all the Poor Little First Nations NPR Babble, that my sister doles out, she has  never said a good word about them,furthermore she  holds the same opinion of them as the bad Right Wing Racistsdo.Thinking essentially that the First Nations  are vile murderous ,uneducated rapists with knives who would steal and kill for any reason. . She is the same as the Racists, but as long as she points out racism in others no one will ever notice hers.

 My brother is fanatically on the side of the Muslims, He refuses to believe that any Muslim has ever committed an act of violence or rape. Any act of violence by a Muslim is in self defense from Opression by White Europeans and the Jews.

Only Protestant white men rape, not Muslims. He supports violence by Muslims against Non_Muslims anywhere on the planet.

 Neither of them have lived next door to Mexicans so they believe the NPR stories. When evidence is presented contrary to NPR, they shout racism and expect it be a magic death word, they expect me to fall down dead and ask for forgiveness, for inclusion back into the warm world of liberalism. They believe they have ripped from me my humanity by simply using the race word. My mother , who is a classic self hating white, and was from the beginning, I think, started the whole damn thing.

In any case, when I try to tell them how it is , they put up a shield that says, if I process this information, if I give up the Race card, then I will be next .  







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