Earthquake In Haiti: Next time, Mother Nature, Kill all of them

, I’m going to skip right past the fake mourning period and point out that Haitians are a bunch of lazy niggers who can’t keep their dongs in their pants and probably wouldn’t be pancaked under fifty tons of rubble if they had spent a little more time over the years listening to the clarion call of white progress, and learning to use a freaking T-square, instead of singing and dancing and dabbling in not-entirely-Christian religions and making babies all the fucking time.

( stolen from someone named Matt, although most was lifted from stormfront and the Ron Paul Site. The obvious thing to me is we should do nothing for Haiti and come back in two years when everyone is dead, then we can open a Starbucks Plantation, since they gave one million dollars  to Haiti, when I often have to scrounge to buy their over-priced democrat coffee. Sterilizization is the only foriegn aid I support. stoptheinvasionforegon)

Seems Haiti will be yet another white man’s burden, since the black African primitives are too stupid to stop breeding, which is why 200,000 of them were wiped out in one day. I wonder how many liberal caring Americans will be willing to go hungry in the coming years, as the food supply in the United States is not enough to feed the swarms of third worlders who demand we care for them?

Sunday’s looting and violence raged into Monday, as hundreds clambered over the broken walls of shops to grab anything they could — including toothpaste, now valuable for lining nostrils against the stench of Port-au-Prince’s dead. Police fired into the air as young men fought each other over rum and beer with broken bottles and machetes.

Hard-pressed medical teams sometimes had to take time away from quake victims to deal with gunshot wounds, said Loris de Filippi of Doctors Without Borders

In Haiti, murder is like going for a walk in the park.When we import millions of Haitian refugees due to the Earthquake excuse hopefully we’ll take the Machetes from them so they don’t loot with their Machetes here.…and after:Just a few less Haitians around now it seems. Well, the Domincans next door will feed and house the refugees I’m sure. Yeah, right.I bet the structure was already collapsed by an earlier 2.0 quake or by a stiff wind or by niglettes jumping up and down on the roof. 


Haiti is like Hawaii only with ten million Negroes

 just an aside, mexicans and open borders idiots mouth the dogma, if you are european you dont belong here so go back! Well, The Blacks on that island killed off the natives hundreds of years, ago and they need to go back , maybe to Liberia. That would be funny, instead, pompous ass Obama is planning on rebuilding Haiti, in the image of his vast ego, while Americans are homeless.


U.S. suspends deportation of Haitians


The decision to temporarily halt deportee flights back to the quake-devastated nation has ramifications for thousands of Haitian illegal immigrants in the U.S., officials say.





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Dont worry Obama is sending money that should go to Legal Americans to the Haitians, who by the way, brought HIV to the United States, one of the best suppressed news stories of the decade. So hopefully mother nature will kick in with another earthquake and kill the rest of them.



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0 Responses to Earthquake In Haiti: Next time, Mother Nature, Kill all of them

  1. Li Wongh Plo says:

    Well said. You might like our band Kill All The Haitians. Not that you won’t have heard of us already brother.

  2. Nelson! says:

    Why so much hatred brother?
    And you say you’re a christian!
    You need to get over your pathetic self!
    I can just picture you right now: Fat, Ugly, yellow teeth, no luck with women (or gay on the down low lol) and just frustrated with life.
    If you didn’t know, Haitians contributed a lot in the US independence war, especially in the south…So before you start writing shit you should take some time (and apparently you have a lot of spare time) to do some research…



    • stoptheinvasionoforegon says:

      becaise Haiti is full of breeders who depend on the US for help, because Hait has no business breeding 10 million people who are all useless. because the Us is expected to take all of them in and feed them when Americans deserve the money because it was their money. Haiti will of course rise again with US money and they will continue to breed with us money.

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