Antonio Palacios- Mexican from Woodburn-attempted Cop killer- released from prison to do yardwork for Liberal Whites in Salem Oregon


SALEM, Ore. (AP) – Antonio Palacios a Mexican Mulato Woodburn heroin dealer sent to prison in 1984 for trying to hire a hit man to kill two detectives has been granted parole.

During his years in prison, Antonio Palacios co-founded a racist youth crime prevention program called Los Hermanos (The Brothers). The program, started by a group of inmates in 1992, features meetings between troubled teens and inmates who use their own lives as examples to avoid.

Wednesday’s unanimous decision by the three-member Oregon parole board clears the way for Palacios, now 51, to be freed July 25 from the Oregon State Penitentiary in Salem.

snip . Palacios faces two years of post-prison supervision. He plans to live in Salem, work as a landscaper



He was sent to prison for soliciting a man to kill Woodburn police Officer Bill Carroll, now a retired chief investigator for the state attorney general’s office, and narcotics investigator Juan Palacios, ( hilarious most of the drug dealers are mexican and they have hired one to moniter the other mexicans.)no relation.

The supposed “hit man” was really an undercover agent with the Drug Enforcement Administration.

Palacios was convicted of two counts of attempted aggravated murder, along with drug dealing and possession. He received a 40-year prison sentence. In 2008, the parole board voted 2-1 to deny him early release.

The parole board has release authority over about 1,600 of the state’s 14,000 inmates. Other prisoners are covered by different sentencing systems.

Two years ago, Carroll told the parole board how the death plot caused his family to fear for his life. He also urged board members not to be “snowed under” by the inmate’s claims of rehabilitation.

 Carroll did not attend Wednesday’s hearing because of a trip outside of the United States. However in a recent letter to the parole board, he repeated his opposition to Palacios’ latest bid for release.

“In 2008, Inmate Palacios was not considered a good risk for release,” Carroll wrote. “Nothing has changed.”

Palacios said he continued to use drugs during the early part of his prison term before deciding to reform.


Information from: Statesman Journal,

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