I broke up with Starbucks over Haiti


 above link to corporate address and also you can rate the company!

 I have been a loyal customer since George Washington was President . Since I live in the Pacific Northwest, it wasn’t hard to get in on the ground floor with Starbucks. But  it’s all over and I’m going back to the local coffee dealers. When I went into the Starbucks last week and saw they had 1 million to give to the over-breeding , machete waving, looting Blacks in Haiti, I thought that’s it for me.

 I have given them so much of my hard earned money and getting a free cup off of them is way hard … So they are going to give money to a third world country when they ignore the poor Americans in their own country?

Why not free art supplies for Artists? God Knows, that the United States is over-run with Lawyers, but Artists get arrested just for taking pictures.( see ACLU)

Who is getting the one million anyway? Upper class world relief workers? Corrupt generals in Haiti? Is any of it going to sterilization clinics so the problem of over-breeding by swarthy third worlders can come to an end?

all those do –good-er doctors, now’s the time to snip snip. NOPE nothing sane like sterilization- just a Global Corporate  toss off of my money. It was the first time I saw that the commodity I often found expensive and a luxury; Starbucks Coffee, was over-priced and I was paying  a penalty just like smokers.

So I’m going to send them a letter and say Goodbye and Drop Dead.  I recommend stopping all foreign aid except sterilization.

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